Thursday, April 30, 2015

Schooling Show: Not as Planned

Right before he tried to kill her
Last week, I was freaking out about signing up for the Very Expensive Clinic, and I decided to help calm my nerves by scheduling one last round of bodywork for Courage and signing up for a little schooling show where we could run through intro B and C and hopefully have one last positive, off-property experience before embarrassing ourselves in front of all of local dressage land. 

The good/bad news about the bodywork was that Courage REALLY needed it. We have a new plan of action for him and I'm optimistic. Sort of. 

See, it looks like every time we have a meltdown about turning right (yeah, more of that) it's actually a pain issue related to a low back issue related to 6 years of racing. We can fix it and build correct muscle.

Yeah. Good thing I never liked my bank account anyways. TTFN, dolla billz! 

but he's really shiny
So anyways. After all that and a day off, I showed up after work to prep for our little schooling show. And naturally, my usually clean horse was completely soaked in urine. 

Sooooooo I hosed him off.

And found fresh blood on his side right under where my leg should go. 

Horses. I swear. 

Since my trainer was taking two other horses that she had to ride one after the other, I left Courage at home and went to the show to play with this lovely thing:

She's a 12 (?) year old holsteiner mare doing 4th level with my dressage trainer. I piddled around the warm up with her in a double bridle. It was super fun, but probably hilarious to watch. I had no ideas what buttons to push and I could barely get her to walk a straight line. We had some sweet lateral work at the walk, some maybe ok trot and a fun but entirely accidental canter. 

I'm going to pretend my complete lack of skills came from having to stay in the top of the arena, so the greenie my trainer was on wouldn't think she was getting abandoned, but LOL. Yeah really it's just that I don't know how to push dressage buttons. 

Anyways. After the greenie went, I switched horses with my trainer and then ambled around on the greenie, a Friesian X. She was nervous but manageable and I probably looked a lot more appropriate on her anyways. 
And that's the story of how Courage did not get one last outing before our big clinic, but I still feel more confident and prepared. 

A little bit.



  1. Sorry you didn't get the schooling opportunity you needed, but hey- at least it's a clinic coming up. At clinics you're expected to make mistakes so they can be corrected, otherwise, what's the point?

    And even though before the winter clinic everyone told me this too, I still wanted to wet my pants. But I have more faith in you! :D

  2. No maiming yourself Courage! Sounds like you had a good time playing with the girls. :-)

  3. bummer the show didn't work out the way you expected - but it's good you got some answers from the body worker (even if they are costly)

  4. Shiny pony pictures! Why do ponies insist on hurting themselves when our nerves LEAST need it? It's like they have a sensor that says yup, the time is ripe!

  5. First off, glad it was just a little cut that sidelined him! I was worried! Second, OMG trained dressage horses are so fun even when you have no idea what buttons you're pushing. Third, what would we do with all our money if we didnt have horses? They're like trying to win a carnival game, you just keep throwing money at the it and sometimes you win a little prize :P

  6. Bodywork is SO important for our horses who are in full work - esp those competing. I think a lot of people overlook it in some situations.

  7. Plz send 4th level mare and I'll trade you a Haffie.

  8. Oh Papa, you just can't help yourself, can you? I was hoping you would show before I would and see how great you did and some how suck the confidence off of you. But alas, I shall go into this weekend confidence free.

  9. Sounds like a fun adventure, and glad Courage is on the mend and with a new plan for bodywork!

  10. It's always something with those horses! Sounds like it was still a fun trip!

  11. You guys will be great anyways!

  12. Ah, you guys got this!

  13. I hope Courage heals up asap & would love to hear more about another know i loffs them ♡♡♡


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