Thursday, October 20, 2016


Courage has been in my life for more than three years now. I blogged before about how that's the longest I've ever had a horse and he and I are definitely still sorting out our relationship. But if you've read this blog, I venture that you've picked up on the rather-dramatic quality our partnership has entailed. 
bridle shot
Just in the last six months, something has finally clicked for us. He's finally become the one my dreams are made on and the one I can't wait to see.

And now, something weird has started happening to me.
I rarely dream at night and if I do, I don't remember it. The only real exception was with Cuna, the horse who had a profound and ongoing impact on my adult life. After I had to put my old man down, I had vivid nightmares for weeks about him. Horrible things. They're still in my head years later. 

But lately, things with Courage have been good. Almost magical. He and I are in this comfortable place where we know what to expect one another and we trust each other.
It's not the relationship I had with Cuna because Courage isn't Cuna, but it's a new and beautiful thing. I've always said that Cuna brought Courage to me, and I've meant it on multiple levels, some cornier than others. I'm in a rough patch in life right now, but Courage is my constant. My steady eddy, as weird as that sounds. 

Whether we work or toodle or lunge or just hang out, he brings a sense of peace to my life. More days than I'm ok with, I just look at his picture on my phone and don't even make it to the barn. 
kinda like what this pic did for me years ago
Then it happened once. Then again.

The Cuna dreams are back, but in a whole different way. Each time it happens, my old man is still alive and living at my favorite barn. I see him, I ride him bareback, and things are as they always were. He's just waiting for me. 

I know it's not real, but I wake up with a strangely serendipitous feeling that everything is alright. 

That which was meant to be, is. 


  1. Love!!! I really hope things start looking up for you and I'm glad you have Courage

  2. :) I'm glad you have Courage and grateful you had Cuna. Some really special horses have been/are in your life.

  3. Girl you gotta stop making me cry! This is so beautiful on so many levels.

  4. Love seeing a few old pictures of Cuna. And I have even more love for Courage fitting into your life and the relationship you two have built.

  5. Love this. It's just beautiful <3 I hope everything else calms down for you soon.

  6. Ugh, tested up before 7am...thanks a lot!!!! LOL! I've dreamt of pong a few times and literally woke up crying, can't wait for those dreams to be more sweet than bittersweet...happy for you and your heart horses.

  7. Sweet little post and then bam! Crying in my coffee at the end. "That which was meant to be, is." :')

  8. That's awfully sweet. Nice to hear when things come around in the end. :)


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