Monday, October 16, 2017

Sisterhood of the Traveling Tack

Some of you remember my amazing old man horse, Cuna.
hopefully you forgot my over-editing-photos phase
He had a very complex head--big, soft eyes, teacup muzzle, broad forehead. It wasn't until the last few months of his life that I finally found a bridle I really liked on his face. It wasn't even that expensive--a Mark Todd model from the UK that is now discontinued.

It's a lovely piece. I did put it on Courage once or (maybe) twice, but it was so wrong for his face that it wasn't even funny.
Unfortunately, there was an era before google photos and the truly horrible shots are lost to the internet. It also didn't really fit him at all.

So I had this bridle. And it was special to me. But I also had no particular use for it.

And then a friend of mine got her own horse.
The lovely Ms. G
And see, this friend is someone who has meant a lot to me over the years and was really more of a co-owner with me on Cuna than anything.

It was only right that the bridle went to her.

Life changes and my friend ended up horseless.

But when I saw her last, she handed me a bridle bag and said to try it on Zoe and that if it didn't fit, she wanted it back.
It fits.

I'm rarely weird and sentimental.

Today, I'm weird and sentimental.


  1. 💞💞💞 glad the bridle fits her. It's lovely when a piece of tack containing such good memories can continue to be used to make more with a new partner.

  2. I had that same bridle and loved it so much, but it looked terrible on Henry. I gave mine to Emma for Charlie!

    1. It definitely requires a pretty specific face.

    2. This makes me so happy, Zoe looks fantastic in it! I adore my mark Todd that Charlie wears - thanks Amanda! - and love that all these pieces of tack travel around to all these special ponies

  3. full circle i love it and it looks great on her!

  4. Now I'm weird and sentimental too.

  5. OMG! It really is like the traveling pants. Love this post. And I love that it fits Miss ZB <3

  6. Full circle. :D That is a wonderful.

  7. ���� it was supposed to come back to you ��

  8. Heart-warming. I still have old pieces of tack and when they fit my young horse I feel bitter sweet and melty inside x

  9. I have a few hand-me-down pieces of tack that have pretty special value on the sentimental size. I'm good with that.

  10. Definitely remember Cuna and so glad that his bridle fits Zoe!!

  11. It's just a bridle. SO WHY AM I CRYING?!

  12. A good friend of mine who was quite religious used to say all the time that there's no such thing as coincidences. I kind of always shrugged it off, but since his death I've re-thought it... and even small things like a bridle fitting two different horses... it just doesn't feel like complete and total coincidence to me anymore. <3

  13. Those bridles are the best and hard to come by. Circle of life, tack edition.


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