Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Oh the People You Meet

I always say that my favorite thing about blogging is the people you meet. 
and the shared love of Teeny
A while back, Leah forced me to be friends with Teresa because it was inconvenient for her to have to keep up with both of us separately (or maybe she thought we'd hit it off? I guess I didn't ask). We have since all hung out with each other (notably when I invited Leah to Karen's house before even meeting either of them in person) (or when I showed up at Teresa's house literally two hours after she moved across the country), but not actually all at the same time. Yet. 
Anyways. Point is, I totally crashed T's party last summer and had a perfectly brilliant time, even if she was tired to the point of being incoherent and her horse randomly got the world's worst abscess (tm). And because she is a super nice person, T was A-OK with me coming back to her house this summer. So I did. (Again with the "I show up at people's houses" thing. It's real.) 
and then i used my stolen camera to take pictures of them
This time around, Gatsby was not sporting the mother of all abscesses and I actually got the privilege of watching T work with him, both at home and in a lesson. And on the trail WE WENT ON A TRAIL RIDE OMFG (details later).  
loving the reflections here
and the outfit. 10/10 i am plagiarizing that.
Point is, a lot of adult amateur life can be kind of lonely--we aren't always surrounded by people who share our passions or goals and we can't always make our schedules work and obligations to real life are well, real. I know Gatsby through T's blog and through our messaging, but hadn't seen him in almost a year. What's more, Teresa is always riding him and doesn't have a handy media person, so she hadn't really seen him go either. 
also her house is basically a storybook
It was so fun to take the opportunity to capture this pair as I saw them. They're goofy and real and high achieving and funny and curious and personable. I also definitely gave T a hard time about her screenshots--she really wasn't catching what her little guy is capable of right now, especially as he gets stronger and more balanced.
white kickboards are apparently the secret to indoor photography
Gatsby today is 100% a product of Teresa's hard work and unwavering belief in him. She's an incredible horseman and an incredible human. 
and he has an incredible tail, even if i cut her head off
and verily, it was awesome
Even on the trail, I was impressed by the calm, consistent way the horses had been handled. Because the trails were bad.ass. but the horses were just super the whole time.

In conclusion. Blogging is awesome because you meet awesome people. Look for ZB updates soon!


  1. My FOMO this weekend was on point 😭😭😭 I wish I wasn't like 20 hours across the country from you guys. Or that plane tickets weren't $500. FML. But I am glad you both had such an amazing time and that you got awesome new media of T and Gatsby!

  2. I am totally going to crashland at Teresa's one day and go on a trail ride. And also Leah's, and Emmma's and maybe someday meet ZB. :)

    I also need some people to drop in on me.

    1. Hahaha well I may just randomly show up at your house one day and be like OH HAI WANNA BE FRENDS.

  3. It was fun meeting you two ladies this weekend! Thanks for stopping by in my neck of the woods! Here’s to hot air balloons and camels in a few months hopefully 😉

    1. So fun to actually meet up after being blogger friends since ever! I was going to link to you but you don't really blog soooooo.

      But yeah. Camel races! Can't wait.

  4. You and Teeny are welcome anytime! It was so much fun and we definitely need to make it happen again soon 😊

  5. Lol, I never knew his name is Gatsby. I thought it was actually Stinker!
    Sounds like SO much fun!

    1. Yes! I also thought his name was actually Stinker.

    2. He is both. He came with the name Gatsby but I kept saying “stop being a Stinker” so much that Stinker stuck

  6. Replies
    1. Getting incredible pictures is low hanging fruit there. Seriously. Every vista is epic.

  7. How awesome, what a good time!!

  8. Blogger people are so fun to meet.


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