Monday, May 21, 2018

No One Can Even

Many moons ago, I bought a sprenger mechanical hackmore off of blogger Alanna for a song. When it showed up, I realized it was roughly moose sized (which had I actually read the ad, I probably would have noticed) and yeah, it was never going on a petite Courage face. 

But guess who is moose sized?!
best baby mare!
and yes this is the smallest adjustment
I spent all day Friday watching fancy dressage horses do their thing and yeah, showing still sounds nauseating to me.

So I went back to the barn and threw the new-to-me hack on ZB.
old SB would have been horrified by this look
We did a lap around the outdoor arena, during which I established that ZS Zoebird gave exactly the number of shits about it that you would expect.
And yeah. Then we just headed down the ditch bank in evening light for our first solo excursion. 
If it looks magical, it was.


  1. ooh i like that! She looks great in it.

  2. Sounds like a lovely evening! Glad she likes the hackamore. I like to let them graze sometimes while I'm on, and I feel slightly less like a terrible horse person if they don't have a bit in their mouth.

    1. Ha I don't care if she eats in a bit but it seems easier for her without it.

  3. looks pretty fantastic to me!!! there's something so liberal about being able to strike out on your own for a peaceful quiet evening with the pony <3

  4. Just a tip, but the nose piece should not be at the bottom of the nasal bones.

    Taking a trip out on your own is a big deal. You should do it more. You'll both enjoy it. *The bridle showed up today. Thank you!


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