Monday, April 30, 2018

The Very Best Lady

I'm a little bit struggling with blog content right now just because things with ZB are so good. 
our take on handgrazing
I go to the barn. She whinnies at me like an actual Disney horse. I pet her and kiss her and feed her cookies and we toodle around and everything is awesome.
champion trail lady
We've been exploring the ditch bank together. I know from ZB's previous owner that she tends to be a bit herd bound, so I'm getting her confident going out in groups and working on installing buttons in the arena, and eventually I expect to have a calm, confident partner on solo trail rides.

And she might be that now.
tour guide!
But why go alone when you can take a friend?
she actually thought up this one
Even when we're hanging out at the barn--I try to find unusual things to address like standing on a random board or climbing in the sand pile or moving jump standards and opening gates from the saddle.

And like.
I can't phase her. Lil lady is brave and smart and curious and wonderful and I don't even get worried about weird shit anymore because I know we're going to be fine and we'll get through everything together.
I mean sometimes I get all serious and am like "ZB WE DO THE DRESSAGES" and she is like "HOKAY MUM I JUST BE PERFECT THEN" so like after 20 minutes, I'm thrilled and then I feel like we pretty well covered everything I expect out of her right now.
whoops apparently no recent dressage media
She's a nice moving little lady with a solid go button and she's 110% try every single day, so she's a total blast to work with. The other day we did w/t/c transitions on the bit and some baby leg yields and yeah color me impressed. She's already borderline the best dressage horse I've spent time on and she makes it so much fun.
I did get a text from trainer the other day telling me that ZB had been naughty. APPARENTLY she tried to stop and visit every time a new friend came in the arena.


I'd plead innocence on that one, but my barn buddy was sitting right there and almost fell off her horse laughing like "GEE WHIZ I WONDER WHO TAUGHT HER THAT".

So uh.

i taught her other things too ok?
The snow is melting off the mountains and I'm lining up people to go trail riding with. It's weird for me to be excited about attacking new challenges and not think I might die, but here I am and it's a total blast.


  1. Aw, glad you are having so much fun with her! Adorable selfie too <3

  2. You seem to have found the equine love of your life with ZB - I'm really happy for you, and for her!

  3. Draft cross mares are the - glad you guys are having fun :)

  4. I’m so happy for both of you!!

  5. Yaasss! Trail rides please!!!

  6. You guys are certainly covering a lot of ground and tackling a lot of different things in your rides. It's so different when it's actually FUN!

  7. I just love all of your ZB posts. So happy for you! And can't wait for trail ride shenanigans to be shared here!

  8. This is kinda why I haven’t picked up blogging again...things are good, there’s not much to say that a quick FB post and pic can’t sum up. With Pongo there was so much drama, stories, things I needed to process out loud and write. With Duder...things are just easy, enjoyable and on most days completely unremarkable in the best way. point...happy you’re happy...she’s awesome.


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