Monday, October 19, 2009

Dressage Clinic!

My lovely lil' Corgi is making a trip to the vet this week, so the bridle has been put off for a while. Besides, I'm still waiting on my catalog. It will come, I'm sure. In the mean time, I have actually signed up for a dressage clinic this coming weekend. Woohoo!

I wasn't actually going to do a clinic until next year because I didn't think Izzy would be ready. I'm ok with taking a couple lessons from my trainer who's used to young horse problems, but I didn't want to pay clinic rates for someone to tell me that my horse wasn't trained. Obviously, I know that. The past few days, however, have been amazing. Izzy's been soft and responsive and forward and everything I want her to be. Canter is still a little stressful for her, but we cantered Saturday morning (right lead only) and she got a little excited, but when we went right back to stretching and bending, she settled right down again.

On Sunday morning, I didn't have time to canter, but we did do a little shorten/lengthen at the trot. I have to admit, I swooned a little at her lengthen. Realistically, it's probably just a good working trot that we lengthened out to, but it was so free and flowing and even smooth... beautiful. Izzy is really going to be a fun horse.

It's pretty cool what my girl can do when she's happy with her saddle. So... I'm on the list, and we'll get the schedule tomorrow or the next day.


  1. Sprinkler Bandit! i found your blog! It looks awesome. I do not know what an Oldenburg is, but I am going to look it up!

  2. GOOOOOO IZZY!!!!! (imagine cheerleaders!!! :o) )

  3. Who's the clinic with?

    By the by, don't ever worry about going to a clinic with your "untrained" young horse. If the trainer is good he/she will help you with exactly what you need with that horse at the time.

    I have been to many, many clinics. A good teacher will always help, no matter what the horse's level. A bad teacher will do nothing for you even if your horse is working at FEI.

  4. I always learned a TON more with a green horse at a clinic than I did with a "schoolmaster." That way you can work on you AND the horse, and grow together.


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