Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Good Pony

I turned Izzy out this morning before riding her because she'd had a long weekend. That was a pretty good idea. She galloped and bucked and bucked and galloped for a long time. Usually, she'll buck once or twice at most. This was pretty nuts for her.

After that performance, I thought it would be a good idea to lunge her before getting on. She was an angel on the lunge, so I did ride. It was almost a carbon copy of last time I rode. Again, she didn't want to go forward, but once I rode her through the token resistance, she was lovely. We went walk, trot, and canter both directions.

I'm working on making larger circle than I used to. I think part of her leaning problem might be that I'm asking her to do something more than she's ready for. It's easier for her to balance on say a 30m circle than a 20m circle, so I need to mentally adjust and move out for now.

All things considered, we had a lovely day. Also, I took one of my old saddles to the tack store and put it on consignment so it would stop sitting in my house.


  1. On the going forward hesitation - try "allowing" the motion - don't use a lot of leg aids - that can restrict motion - just relax legs and knees and focus on where you are going - that sometimes has helped me.

    Nice that she got out the ya-yas before you rode!

  2. Turnout before riding seems to have been an excellent idea! No point in participating in the rodeo when you can avoid it. *G*

    Tucker has temporarily--it seems--given up on the stopping thing with me, so perhaps it does train out if it's not something physical. I've never quite had a horse balk like he does, but Izzy seems to be cut from a similar mold. Frustrating for sure.

    Glad she worked well in the end and you could take advantage of some of your time off.

  3. I love watching when they go for a hoon!!!!!

  4. I get nervous when horses buck. But there is also something so fascinating about it that I can't take my eyes away from a bucker!! because the way they carry their bodies in whatever they do, is so remarkable! I'm glad Izzy was a good girl. There's nothing better!


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