Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Lovely Weekend

The weather was beautiful and Izzy was in a mood to cooperate. It was great. A good friend of mine came out and took pictures of us on Saturday. She got some marvelous shots of Izzy, but a lot of the riding pictures emphasize just how much I need lessons. Ugh. At least now I know what I look like, and it's not pretty.

I have enough pictures to keep posting them for a while, but here are a few.


  1. With the one shot in the saddle, no, you wouldn't win an eq medal but don't be too hard on yourself. A handy rider is more effecient to themselves and their mount, than a pretty rider. It's the ones that are pretty while being handy, that win the medal. Keep up the rides....they are all part of the journey!

  2. Nothing too seriously wrong in your riding. Just a few easy postion "fixes" and you'd look like a pro. Better yet, Izzy looks great!

  3. Glad Izzy's been doing so well! Thanks for the photos!

  4. She is really gorgeous! Great work! Don't give up, more often than not, we are cought in a bad moment. Here, you are trying to turn Izzy and you are widening the reins so that she understands. This is what we all do when training horses!


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