Friday, November 6, 2009

Lunging Day

After a monumental effort towards school work yesterday, I was back out to ride this morning. Or at least I thought I was. It was warm, but the sky was threatening, so I tacked up Izzy quickly, then started lunging. As soon as we got in the arena, the wind picked up and the sky got darker.

She was pretty dramatic about the whole thing. She tried galloping and bucking. She tried whinnying to her friends. She even spun around and ran the wrong way, which was comical, because after three or four strides, she realized she was going the wrong way, so she spun back around.

I decided that it probably wasn't a good day to ride, all things considered. I lunged her in both directions until she settled, then worked on transitions on, then put her away. I don't know if she learned anything, but I didn't feel like riding a crazy horse today. Besides, if I broke my arm, I wouldn't be able to write the next 60 pages I need to finish to get my new bridle.

Seriously. ;-)


  1. I'd say that was a good call... good luck with the next 60 pages!

  2. It's always better to be safe than sorry, and at least you got some work done!

  3. Good move by all accounts. Sometimes it's just not worth it to get on. Sounds like lungeing was the perfect way to go.

  4. seems like it was a good choice. Sometimes I would feel guilty or cowardly if I decided to not ride Laz when he was being a crazy boy, but I got over it. Some days are scary and better to be worked in round pen. :)


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