Friday, February 26, 2010


I went out this morning because I clean Fridays. I also feed most of the time, partly because it's easier to clean when the happy horses are eating, but mostly because it makes me feel like some sort of hero. The horses whinny at whoever has the food and are just soooo happy when they finally get their share. I love feeding horses.

However, by the time I finished feeding and cleaning up after all 20 or so of them in deep mud and freezing wind, I decided that it was a good time to feed Izzy treats, then go home and get some stuff done for this weekend. I'm sure she won't mind... too much... :-/

Oh well. In other news, I sold my saddle I was talking about and bought a new one. Izzy now has a complete jumping outfit and a fancy new Ansur Classic Dressage saddle. Ok, it's not new, but it's pretty and new to us. Now we just need a girth and leathers... and a black bridle... and maybe cool flexible irons, too. Haha. One thing at a time.

Funny (non horse) story. I bought the saddle without telling my husband. It's not as big of a deal as it maybe sounds like, because we have separate accounts and jobs, and I paid for it, but still. Money's been tight lately and I could easily see how he might resent something extravagant like a new saddle. I felt guilty, so my house has been completely spotless and laundry is more caught up then ever. I told him yesterday (so within 24 hours of buying it...), and he just kinda laughed. "I guess you should buy more saddles," he said. He really likes the clean house. I really like the idea. ;-)


  1. men are so easily pleased... there are always a few sure fire way to their hearts ;) pictures of the new get-up please :)

  2. Glad your husband was supportive. It's pretty obvious he has a good understanding of your horse obsession. I think I like him. *G*

    I'm not looking forward to going out to do the stalls today as we had close to a foot of snow and I need to dig a path to the manure pile first. This is getting old....And, because of the miserable storm last night, the horses spent most of the night inside and the stalls are a mess.

    On the positive side, I have already plowed the driveway and the sun seems to be out. There's a good chance the worst of the snow will melt quickly this time. Then we too will have the mud.

    Looking forward to the report on the new saddle when it arrives.

  3. Oh, I am jealous -- you have two saddles that fit your horse and I recently learned that neither of my saddles fits Salem. :-( In fact, the Pessoa that I've been using (not technically mine) and my old Collegiate are extremely narrow and would never fit any horse I would ever ride/own. Awesome!
    Of course, my friend's $3500 Arc de Triomphe saddle was a near-perfect fit. Of course. Now I just need $3450 and I'll be set. Lol.
    Congrats on the new gear and the understanding hubby. (Does he have a hot bro that you could send my way?!)

  4. It's nice having an understanding hubby as far as the horsey expenses go. I am spoiled in that regard, however, bringing another horse in poses a bit of questioning...

    Your new saddle is a sweet looking ride. Nice touch cleaning the house in hopes of a free pass and no grief over it. I'll have to remember that one for future use.

    I am hoping my current saddles fit the new mare. Otherwise they will be on the block to help fund replacements that do.

  5. Ha girl! Trickster wins a hubbie approved saddle. xo

  6. I love feeding ponies as well - they do make you feel special and I love watching them tuck into a good hard feed!!!!!

  7. that's funny!! you're lucky- a lot of my student's husbands get mad about their lessons so they write me two checks one from "their" account and one from "hers"!

  8. Lol! That's awesome! My husband would kill me if I bought a new saddle. I really want one, but ours is ALMOST, ALMOST perfect so I'll live. It fits Ms. D pretty well, and me Ok. Actually when i put my leg in the right position it's great.

    My husband today did find a barn plan that he liked, it's $22,000 but he thinks that's doable. Now all we need to do is to move out of Seattle and find some land. Maybe in 10 years :(


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