Monday, April 26, 2010

Quick Update

I made it out this morning for a ride. Izzy was LOVELY. She came out quiet and happy. I didn't ride yesterday, so I turned her loose in the arena. The silly mare trotted around looking at stuff that had changed. (The barn is in the middle of moving, so stuff changes every day.) Something caught her interest at the other end of the arena, so she trotted over there. A nice little oxer I'd set was in her way, and she just hopped over it. On her own. With no encouragement from me.

Nice! I was impressed.

She was very, very good on the flat. She jumped the oxer like she'd been doing it all her life. I set the plank jump a little higher than we've jumped before, so she took it down the first time because she didn't expect it. She cleared it after that, though.

Izzy is just so much fun to jump. She's not rushy or worried or nervous. She is so ridiculously athletic that nothing we've done so far even begins to challenge her. When I watched her jump the oxer, she wasn't impressed by it. Instead of picking her legs up, she just let them dangle and jumped higher to make up for it. As long as I keep bringing her along steadily and don't scare her, this girl is going to be amazing.

Thanks for your kind words about my grandma. She is now back at home for hospice care.


  1. Hospice is a blessing - glad your grandma is benefitting from it and hope she is comfortable at home.

  2. Great to hear about your grandma!

    Dandy used to jump when she was free, but since her blindness started she'd rather not and I will not put her up to it. I don't need an injured horse blind horse! Keep up the great work! Izzy is turning out to be one great horse! She seems to like jumping and that's important if you're going to make her do it. Dandy loves it too, but she can't see very well, so I am no longer risking it.


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