Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Izzy got two days off on account of the weather, my schedule, and me being generally exhausted. I don't think she minded. Today I turned her loose in the arena and she galloped around a little, but didn't buck. I didn't bother with lunging her before we rode because I basically just do it to allow her a chance to burn off energy, which she already did.

Then we walked. I started by not asking for much. I just wanted a steady, forward, 4 beat rhythm. She could stretch or she could not. Then, I started asking her to really push from behind. When she did, I'd give the inside rein and scratch her withers. Gradually, she moved in to accepting the contact and started offering to stretch. Then we changed direction and did the whole thing the other way.

I was so happy. She was balanced and rhythmical and taking a light contact and it just feels so good to ride that. I even contemplated not moving beyond that today, but I decided I wanted that same feeling at the trot and canter. We stayed very relaxed. She was comfortably forward, and she was very responsive. It felt amazing. When we could do walk, trot, and canter circles both directions while maintaining balance and a steady rhythm, I gave her a cookie and put her away. Every day should be like this.



  1. A good walk is a good start to everything. Just take your time and you'll soon have the same feeling at all the gaits.

    Nothing like a good ride to make a good day.

  2. Relaxation, rhythm and balance are the foundation of good training. Once you have those down, the rest comes easy. Well, relatively easily anyway.

    Congratulations on your show! You did great for your first time out together. Now that you know what to expect, the next show will be even better!

  3. Awesome! Yes, of course we would all like every day to go smoothly and perfectly -- but then we wouldn't appreciate them as much!
    Keep the posts coming. I am going to be living vicariously through horsey bloggers for a few months, unfortunately.

  4. Rhythmical? Oh my, that sounds wonderful.


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