Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dressage Day

Izzy and I are continuing on our schedule, despite me really, really wanting to jump today. I mean, the jumps were set up and everything.

To encourage myself to do dressage, we pulled out the lovely dressage bridle. It looked adorable on her with the fly bonnet. I'm sorry I didn't take pictures. If it makes you feel better, I have enlisted someone to take pictures of us jumping tomorrow. We'll see how that goes. My camera isn't the fastest or the highest quality. If you want to see gorgeous pictures every day, check out Kate and Lucy's blog. Her pictures make me swoon a little sometimes.

Izzy was lovely in her dressage tack (and I'm talking about performance now). She was nice, forward, and balanced. We had some wonderful moments in trot and pretty decent canter work. Izzy did ask to gallop again in the canter, but I didn't let her. I figure that it's a bad thing if she gets really excited about galloping every time we canter, so on principle I can't let her do it.

PS On Sunday, a fancy dressage clinician came out and was doing lessons. I didn't ride with her because my wallet would have imploded, but I was watching a couple other people while I got some work done. The clinician is based out of California and has lots of clients who seem to be looking for horses, so she asks about any horses that catch her eye. Guess what? She asked about Izzy! I was proud of my silly mare. Needless to say, she's not available (and the clinician isn't pushy about it; she's just curious). Still, pretty cool.


  1. Who was the clinician? I wonder if it's anyone I've ridden with out here :)

    Good for you for doing your dressage. She's still so young that it's good to keep the jumping minimal (even thuogh I know you arent like galloping around 3 foot courses three times a week or something). The more dressage you do, the better your jumping schools will be when you do get to play!

  2. Good girl, behaving yourself like that....not Izzy...you! Dressage is the key to everything else.

    Lovely compliment from the CA trainer! You have every right to be pleased.

  3. lol you better not tell Izzy about that or she will never let you forget it :)

    Great job with sticking with your schedule. Sometimes SO hard for us riders, but very important to keep Izzy balanced. Very excited about the pictures!

  4. Good for you, not letting Izzy gallop off even though she wanted to. It's a bad habit to get into. Very cool that you got noticed by the clinician, too! What a great compliment, you should be proud.

    Dressage will get more fun once you start the lateral work, just keep plugging away, you'll get there. ;)

  5. I've given you a "Beautiful Blogger" award. Come visit my blog to grab the image :)


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