Friday, April 23, 2010

Some Good News

Because some is better than none.

I hit a fabulous tack sale with Irie's mom today. I'm on a pretty careful budget, so I only brought cash with me. That way, I was forced to stay within the confines of the money available. As we browsed, the lady running the sale mentioned that she'd bought out the entire boot selection of several tack shops that went out of business. She's sold all her normal sizes, so she's down to the slims and extra wides. SCORE! I need an extra wide apparently. She had one pair in my size with an extra wide calf. It was marked $80. I swallowed hard and contemplated trying it on. I only had $100 total, so this would eat most of my budget and I was really there for breeches.

She pulled them out and said, "I can give you a better price on that." I looked at her. "Oh, let's say $50." Yes! Now they had to fit. I grabbed the boot pulls and sat down. I haven't worn tall boots since last summer when I wore a borrowed pair a couple times. Before that, it's been years, but I used to live in them when I was in highschool. These must fit. There's no way I can afford new boots right now. I put on one boot, then the other.


That's right folks. I got a pair of lightly-used leather tall field boots for $50. I am quite happy with that. With my remaining budget, I found a pair of breeches that fit that I can wear at a show and a loose ring, double-jointed, copper mouthed bit for Izzy's other bridle. Then, when we got back I tried it on. This was another hold-my-breath moment because Izzy notoriously likes only the most expensive options and the bit was a steal for $20. I didn't tell her the price, and she didn't complain. She didn't really even seem to notice a difference. Yes! I was afraid we were stuck with Herm Sprenger bits for the rest of my life. I mean, they're nice, but so so pricey.

We did spin by the tack store on our way home and I have a confession to make. I felt up the breeches there. Yes. I did. I'm having a thing with Kerrits breeches right now and I'm in love with their cut and sizing and fabric and everything. Well, everything except the price. They're not bad, but until I'm working steadily, I definitely can't buy any. For now, all I do is touch and drool.


  1. Good haul, particularly good price on the boots! It's great that you found a "Sprengerish" bit - the real ones are budget busters.

  2. what a great day!! total score on the boots. I really prefer buying lightly used boots over new ones anyways. That way you don't have to break them in. I bet the hubby will be very proud of your thriftiness!!

  3. Way to go!! I need a wide calf too. I'm not all that heavy, either--my chiropractor insists it's all muscle--I love him. *G*

    Nothing like a great shopping trip full of super bargains to make your day. Yessssss!!!!

    JP Korsteel makes bargain bits with mouthpieces almost identical to the Sprenger bits.

    As for the Kerrits, every now and then, the tack store here has a closeout special on them. If you let me know your size and the styles you like, I'll keep you posted. I can always pick them up and send them to you. Sometimes the prices are as low as $19.99.

  4. um, can I mention how horribly jealous I am. I have gone through hoops of fire to find boots that fit me under $300 dollars and I'm not happy with the ones I've ended up with :( Thats so awesome for you!

    And I'm going to have to second Jean: I love the JP Korsteel bits. They are awesome.

  5. There is an Ansur Excel for sale on eBay. Just thought you'd like to know if you haven't visited the Ansur Saddle board lately.

  6. Jean--I saw it. I CAN'T even pretend to afford it and I'm very happy with my classic. Really.

    Still, looks gorgeous.


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