Friday, June 4, 2010

Still Not Riding

I've been away from the computer and sadly, away from the pony, too. My car broke down, so I wasn't able to get out Wednesday. Thankfully, it was an easy and pretty cheap fix.

Today was the first day I was able to get out. I turned Izzy and Cassie out in the arena as soon as they finished their grain. They ran around like maniacs, so I left them out while I cleaned pens. Right about when that was done, the dairy cows across the street staged a massive escape and charged onto the property. Of course, Izzy and Cassie found this to be very exciting, so there was much galloping back and forth and pretending to be scared.

It probably took half an hour to help get the cows rounded up, during which time the girls continued to run. After that, they took fifteen minutes to settle down.

Did I mention that it's been pouring rain the past week? The arena is not really good for riding.

Anyways. The girls were totally soaked with sweat from all their frolicking, so I put them away to finish breakfast and no one got ridden. Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

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