Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Mysteriously Good Day

We rode in a dressage clinic this morning. (Lest you think I have come into money--I worked off the cost with the barn owner, so I'm still broke, just in a good situation.)

Izzy was amazing. I couldn't believe it. We really haven't done "dressage" in a dressage saddle in weeks, maybe since the last clinic. I've been working her and we've had a few good days, but my expectations weren't high. We're starting to ask her for a whole new level of performance and teaching her a new skill set and she did really, really well.

It's not that we're at a really high level; all I'm asking her to do is step up underneath herself, go forward into contact, and actively stretch down. Oh, and steer. And focus. Is that so very much? ;-)

We had moments of excellence and moments of less excellence, but nothing terrible.

The only bad news is that Izzy is ever so slightly off in her right front which is not the one she banged up a couple weeks ago. It's not serious, but it does affect (effect? Jean, help!) how she's working. We focused more on going left so we weren't weighting the right fore too much... Sigh. Always something.

I'm thinking that we might be looking at front shoes after her next trim. The footing at the new place is a lot of sand and road mix, so it's exfoliating her sole really nicely and her feet are developing well and becoming concave (all good), but since she works 6ish days a week on sand, she may just be wearing her feet down. I dunno. That would be a nice, easy fix, so I'm crossing my fingers. I'll consult with my farrier when she comes out next week.


  1. "Affect" is correct, a verb. "Effect" is a noun. Hope that helps.

    What is it with right front foot lameness, anyhow? That's Tucker's problem foot now and I strongly suspect his going barefoot triggered the lameness.

    Shoes might well solve Izzy's problem. Not every horse can go barefoot, I fear.

  2. Glad the clinic went so well. Jean's right, not every horse can go without shoes, but perhaps she just stepped on a stone. Time with tell.

  3. Been away for a while so I am catching up on your posts - Love the new look and love the new piccy!!!!

    Relationship wise, the whole love/hate thing I so totally get it! I had it with my mare and I have it with Sam. Some days I wish I could sell him and buy something already going so I can just get on and ride and concentrate on myself. On the other hand I love him to death and when we have good days I know why I love him sooooo much! Hang in there. If there comes a time when the negativity stays around for months then you may need to look at something.

    I find just life in general dicates my moods and how Sam reacts to me. It is awesome to read that when you are having a personal bad day you don't ride. I try and do that too. Especially if Sam hasn't been worked for a while and I know he is going to be a little more forward than normal.

    Hang in there!!!!!


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