Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Confidence Building

We had our first lesson in a about a month and a half this morning. It went surprisingly well. Izzy came out pretty quietly, lunged nicely, and even stood for me to mount. (That's something I want to work on, but I'd far rather she walk off when I try to mount than rear because she feels trapped. Really. We've been there.)

We did some basic dressage work and got Izzy listening. I was quite pleased and would have been ready to quit there. Let's just say my confidence is not quite what it used to be. ;-) However, we had the jumping saddle on, so Cathy sent us off to hop over a couple crossrails. Izzy took one look at the crossrails, hopped over it, and CHARGED off. Cathy's comment, "Well, I guess jumping isn't a problem." Ha. Yeah. she really seems to enjoy it.

We worked on me staying with or behind the motion and half halting with my body for speed control. As Cathy pointed out, whenever I go to my hands, she starts to fuss with me and things don't go well. I was really impressed at how responsive she was to my weight/body aids. All that dressage is paying off! She came in to a 2' vertical (big for us) and wanted to rush. I pushed my body back, she stayed with me, and we made the perfect spot. Yay! Go Aimee and Izzy.

We even made it over the barrel jump a few times. Sweet! I'm hoping to take my next lesson (whenever that happens) on Cassie, my old girl, so I can get some concentrated input on the mechanics of jumping without worrying about my horse.


  1. Good stuff - glad it went so well! I tend to use my hands too much as well, and find that Maisie goes much better if I use my body and seat instead of my hands.

  2. Aw, that sounds awesome! I miss jumping more and more, sigh. It's fun to have a horse that REALLY loves it like Izzy, although it is more work:) I wish I had known ANYTHING about dressage when I was really jumping (haha, like 2 foot 6, the highest I showed a lifetime ago:) It would have helped find distances soooo much easier like you said!

  3. Sounds like the lesson was exactly what you both needed about now. Glad it went well and Ms. Izzy behaved herself!!


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