Saturday, April 9, 2011


Husband finally got a car on Thursday (YAY!!!) so I got to go out and ride Friday and Saturday.

It was great.

Izzy is doing amazing on pasture board. She's relaxed, happy, and shiny. Oddly, she now also believes she doesn't need her ulcer meds and senior. I tried to give it to her, and she ate about half, then flipped the rest out on the ground.

Oh well--as long as I don't have reoccurring symptoms, I guess it's ok.

Anyways. I was using my new saddle (much love) and my breeches that I got for Christmas and hadn't used yet. They're Kerrits microcord fullseats that are AMAZING. Much butt happiness.

Izzy was great. We still had the lovely forward from our last ride, but I was doing better at regulating it. We did some shoulder in, a touch of haunches in, leg yielded, and even had a right lead canter transition. Plus, I finally seemed to remember how to half halt. Izzy tends to get more and more and more forward sometimes and ends up getting really heavy with her front end. I know not to correct with my hands, because that backs her off the contact, which is not good.

Instead, I used my 'whoa' aids for a couple strides, which brought her back to a smaller gait, then pushed her forward again. Yay rebalance! We did it a couple of times on Friday, but then Saturday, Izzy seemed to remember not to run forward through my aids, and I think I only half halted once. Insane. Love the Wondermare.


  1. nothing better than a good ride :)

  2. Great news to hear that she is doing so well with the turnout. I've always said there is nothing better for a horse than to get out to just "be a horse."


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