Saturday, April 2, 2011

Pasture Drama!!

I made it out this morning to find Izzy's boyfriend back in the barn. I was immediately worried. He's a super laid-back horse, so I was sure he must have gotten hurt or something and I was sure it was my stupid horse who'd done it.

Fortunately, the barn owner was there. She told me that the other gelding who we all thought was laid back all of a sudden started to play alpha stud. He wouldn't let Izzy's boyfriend eat or drink and kept chasing him. He even tried to chase off the bf's owner in a very aggressive way. Apparently, he also tried to chase Izzy around and she told him exactly what she thought of that.

Which is to say, she double barreled him a few times and he decided she could still be queen.

The super nice gelding is in the barn to stay, even though I told the BO that I'm sure the behavior is the result of having a mare out there and if Izzy is a problem, PLEASE just take her out of there. I don't want to be a problem boarder. However, it sounds like she's a lot more upset by the other gelding than by Izzy.

Anywhoodle... not sure where that's going. Izzy is very much in charge of the stupid gelding. He goes where she tells him too. I suspect that if she had any maternal instincts, she would have protected the other boy, but she likes to let boys deal with each other.

Oh Mare.

Notes from yesterday:

1) Both of the saddles pictured are Passiers. Part of me really really wishes the brown one would have worked. So pretty. Will update more on the black one later.

2) Apparently, the amazing dressage girth runs about $220. GASP. Yeah. Not in my future any time soon. I am looking in to the calfskin reins, though.


  1. Horse TV, always entertaining.

    Haha, I've been girth shopping too. I'll find one and think "Oh that would work" then see it's about the same price as the one you mentioned. I found a nice one from SmartPak I'm going to get for this new saddle.

  2. They say if you want to "cure" a naughty gelding, put him in with a dominant mare. I too wish Izzy had defended her true buddy, though. I guess she is rather royal after all: "Let him eat cake," or dirt as the case may be.

    Maybe now that she's put bad gelding in his place, he will decide befriending the good
    gelding would be a less lonely option after all????

    Hope it works out.

    Passiers, to my knowledge, are all excellent saddles. I have owned, I think, six over the last 30 years or so and highly recommend them.

  3. Oh man, mares and pairs they can work well, but it can get tricky with any more than that, with some rare exceptions. I'm a big fan of sex segregation:) Still, it sounds like Izzy is quite confident of her place in the hierarchy, which is a good thing...hopefully the boys will work through their issues with minimal drama and no injuries.

    We'll be rooting for her!


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