Friday, April 15, 2011

It's Ok to Make Noise Now

Sigh. I'm unstalking the saddle. Link is here if you want to see how pretty. I really like it and if no one else bid, I could have gotten it for the $550.

HOWEVER. It's medium-wide, which we all know is NOT OK for the wondermare. She likes wide. Passier trees are adjustable, so I called around and found someone in Colorado who could do the adjusting, but it would cost $300 + shipping AND it can only be moved about 1cm AND she only does it from wither tracings. I have a sneaking suspicion that she wouldn't understand Izzy's whole "must have wide tree" thing.

Oh, and I emailed Passier the serial number, and they said it was originally a medium tree, which means it probably couldn't be adjusted out anyways. Sigh.

If anyone sees a Passier 17.5 wide jump model for under say 1k, let me know. I'm not holding my breath.

However... I remember reading that sometimes Thornhill saddles fit similarly, and I did find this:
It's the Thornhill 24k Platinum event saddle. MSRP is around $1800, so maybe one will pop up used. It does look like it has the balance I want.

Jump saddle issues aside (this is the WORST time of year to saddle hunt), I had an amazing ride on the wondermare yesterday. She just gets better and better every ride. Our lateral work off the right leg is improving, she's getting lighter and more balanced, and I'm more and more in tune with her.

I so want to take a lesson to help us progress more, but I'm taking off for vacation in a couple days and she'll just hang in the pasture for a week. I'm sure she'll be fine.


  1. What were the Ainsley's you tried? I have a 17.5" ainsley pro-national, wide tree...

  2. The Ainsleys were medium-ish, I think. is the wide truly wide, or does it run narrow?

    Will you email me pictures of it?

  3. Check out the used saddles at:

    There are some wide tree Passiers there. This is actually my local saddle shop--the New Jersey one, that is. The PA store has more used saddles.

    I guess they ship anywhere for $37.99 for a trial.

  4. Omg, I m beginning to think that you are just obsessed with saddle-shopping!! What will you do when you find the perfect saddles? You will be lost, lol. ;-)
    All kidding aside, good luck!!


    both are only 17 inch seats though..

  6. I dunno if I can wedge my butt into that... I'm probably ok in an 18", but not too sure about going down a size. Tempting, though...

  7. Good Luck with the saddle hunt girlie! Wish I could offer assistance! I'm STILL on the endless boot hunt over here.


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