Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ugh More Whining

I hate to drag non-horsey crap into my solely horsey blog, but thanks to the vagaries of car accidents, insurance companies, and car hunting, I got 0 pony time yesterday and it's looking like another big fat 0 for today. Fail.

I hate hate hate used car salesmen. If you want to hear how much, you can check out my non-horsey blog here. I generally keep my horsey and non horsey worlds separate, but meh. I think I'm funny.

All car talk aside, carpooling with the hubby has translated to zero pony time, so I'm super glad she's out in the pasture chilling. It's good to be a horse in a grassy pasture.

I also spent $$$ on her yesterday. Sssshhhh. I won a pair of brown thinline reins on ebay to use with my Micklem bridle. I topped that off that settling on a half pad. You can see it here. It's thinline also, shimable, and pretty. I like sheepskin pads, but I think a skeepskin pad would have altered my reasonably good saddle fit too much, so I settled on a quilt pad with just enough sheepskin to flatter my vanity. Oh, and it's black. I'm still on a black kick.

I guess it doesn't matter as much that it's snowing now...


  1. That is the same pad I use on Rose and I love love love it!

    Adventures In Colt Starting

  2. oooh, that car hunt story is really sad. Eech!!

    Well, at least you have consoled yourself with some horsey shopping. Somehow, that is always good therapy.

    Wishing you better wheels in your future!

  3. I haven't read your car salesman story yet but I will. I hate car salesmen used or new and my husband used to be They are snakey little jerks. Don't believe ANYTHING they say.

    Thank you, thank you for posting what pad you found $150 is way better than $250+ too! It is now on my list.

  4. That pad is quite similar to the one I use, I think you'll like it. As for the car salesman, way to be a complete and utter parody of why people hate used car salesman.


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