Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Car Asplode!!

Made it to the feed store yesterday and picked up Mare Magic and some Ugard pellets. All I had to do was run some homemade cookies out to my grandpa for his birthday and I was off to the barn.

Until my car magically decided that it didn't want to go any more. Yes, underneath a no parking sign. Yay. Sigh. Car is in the shop getting the fuel pump replaced and I am at work, stressing about everything that comes to mind. Oh, and Izzy's new supplements are still in the car at the shop. Maybe they'll make my car less hormonal?

Picture of my boys being adorable to cheer me up and balance the hormones.


  1. Wait a minute, is this the replacement car? I've lost track.

    Either way, it's a bummer. Fuel pump problems are annoying, to say the least. Hope it recovers quickly and is back in fine shape soon--hormones well under control. *lol*

  2. Yes, isn't car trouble lovely? This is actually my car--the replacement is my husband's and it's plugging along just fine.


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