Monday, May 23, 2011

Depressing Non Pony News

Sorry to be absent and sporadic. Without going into gory personal details, I just missed out on something I really, really wanted and was counting on thanks to a clerical omission completely out of my control. It's depressing and frustrating and I've been accordingly moody. I had a chance to go out and see the wondermare today and I didn't even do it. Partly because I was depressed and listless and partly because of the underlying anger and frustration, I knew I couldn't treat her fairly.

I'm sure she didn't mind a bit and continued wandering around her pasture grazing.

Beautiful girl. I miss her face. I get one more chance to see her before I take off for another few days. This traveling thing is getting old.


  1. Traveling sucks. So sorry about the stupid error, that is so frustrating. I just got out of several weeks of work travel -- but I have just discovered that being crippled sucks way more.

  2. Dont you hate when life gets in the way of our ponytime!!! I'm 100% serious. I get so crabby and bratty (like stomp my foot) when that happens.

  3. So sorry whatever it was didn't work out. It's hard not to get too down when something like that happens.

    Do try to enjoy a day with Izzy tomorrow. Her gentle and sweet presence will do a lot to make you feel better and improve your mood for the trip.


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