Monday, May 2, 2011

May Goals

Our goals for last month:
April Goals:
1) FORWARD. Read it. Do it. Live it. Until we have forward, we have nothing. One blog post a week addressing how I am researching and applying forward to our world.
Success!! Izzy is still a tiny bit sticky at the walk when I first get on, but she works out of it in just a few strides. Her walk is improved, her trot is amazing, her canter is coming along. I would say the weekly blog post accountability helped us, as did sorting out her physical issues last month. Very excited about this.

2) Cycle back into jumping. The first event derby is in May, so I need to get Izzy and myself comfortable doing 2'3"ish stuff, since our goal is intro beginner novice. (Lame, but I'm chicken.)
Well... we jumped twice, both times just 18" crossrails. It's a start. I'm feeling less rusty and more confident, though I'm going to continue to try to tweak the saddle situation to see if I can find something that will actually work for us.

3) Take a lesson in dressage.
Fail. Not entirely my fault, but still not a success. I tried to plan one several times, but it's a busy time of year for instructors and our schedules just weren't matching up. I am taking a jumping lesson this coming Friday. Hooray! Looking forward to that.

All in all, I'd call April a success. We made some definite and much-needed progress. Now, May goals.

1) Just jump it. Monica is making t-shirts and mine won't look out of place. Jump Izzy at least twice a week. Work on setting little gymnastics and combinations so we can work things out. Be comfortable over low verticals.

2) Conditioning--Work at least once a week on the track, weather permitting. In order to be competitive, we need to continue developing cardiac fitness.

3) Sitting trot. I've been doing it a little, but not nearly enough. Even time the dressage saddle is on, I'm going to spend some portion of the time sitting. Focus on engaging core and relaxing hips.

We can do it!


  1. Nice goals :) Love your picture at the bottom, you guys look cute!

  2. Good work.

    Why is Beginner Novice "chicken?" I certainly think it's the perfect place to start a new horse off in the eventing world. 2'3" offers the perfect challenge. You have to jump, but not too intimidating.

    In the meantime, you need to get some more jumps under your belts. Any place you can go to do some outside fences?

  3. hell yeah I am, just give me till finals are over (mat 14th they end) and then I will get the ball rollin on them t shirts! Already got it set up with the place, just gotta go in and get them printed :) and get everyones adresses!! YAY goals!

  4. Great work. I love that you succeeded with forward. I'm making some progress there too, but still a way to go. Sounds like oyu have a good plan.

  5. Forward! That's the missing key for so many people, good for you for getting through it! Your schedule sounds great, you will be well prepared. It is wonderful you are having time to get in those jumping lessons, but what is the conflict with the dressage lessons? Is there no one close to you or just bad luck of bad timing?

  6. Sounds like you did a great job overall in April, so congrats! And I agree, 2'3" is the right place to start. Don't be calling yourself a chicken. You and your mare have plenty of time to work your way up if you so desire. Go Izzy go!

  7. Christine--I have one free lesson left with an instructor, but we keep having opposite schedules. There are other instructors and I think we will be switching, but I might as well use up the one that's already paid for first.

  8. You guys are so dang adorable together. Great goals-I struggle with the forward thing too-it's just so much more WORK, blah. But, like you said, without it we got nothing, and things magically fall into place when you're trucking along. Great reminder:)


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