Thursday, May 19, 2011

We Have Video!!!!

Ok, I know I've never posted a video before, but that's because I'm incredibly non-tech-savy. However, I think I finally have it figured out (thanks lil sis) and will attempt to imbed some here for your viewing pleasure. Whole new world for me.
Here's Izzy and I cantering a crossrail last week. We are so cute! I've never really had the benefit of video before, so this can be super useful I think...

I have pictures today too.
Here's my ever-lovely little sister riding Izzy yesterday. Never mind the girl hasn't been on a horse in literally YEARS--she looked like a pro, as much as it's possible to do so on a lunge line.

Makes me wish I looked that good in the saddle, ha.

However, she's also handy with a camera, so I have some new Izzy pictures and even video!

We look fabulous. Izzy was being her usual lovely self (after a massive passage/gallop freak out about the horses running in the pasture) and I'm appropriately attired.

As you may have noticed, we've had a ton of rain since the last time I posted pictures and everything is soaked again. The outdoor was rideable, but barely.

Trotting around. It is kind of difficult to warm Izzy up for someone who doesn't know much about riding. I had her in jump tack because I think it's easier for a first time back riding person, plus there's more to grab on to.

Usually, when I have jump tack on, I focus on sharpening her responses. You know, the trot/halt/trot/canter/walk/canter type thing so I have her forward and focused. That's a great idea, except that the last thing a newbie needs is a horse that's sharp on the aids, right? Sure recipe to get dumped.

Instead, we just meandered around and made sure Izzy was happy and forward-ish. Here's a video (woohoo!!)

Then Abby rode.
Izzy was great--quiet and bored. She more or less tried to do what Abby wanted, but she also knew what she could get away with.

This is one of those things I just love about Izzy. She does everything I want to do, but then I can throw someone up on her and she just ambles around like a lesson pony. So sweet.

Of course, I say "ambles" but both these pictures are of trotting. What can I say? They both did great. Wish I looked that good, lol.


  1. Very nice; Izzy is a cute mover! And it looks like your sis was born to be an equitation rider. I, too, wish I sat up so well. :-)

  2. What a cutie!!! I love the videos, thanks for sharing!

  3. Great to see some vids. Awesome

  4. Some people just have bodies built for riding..and then there are the rest of us. *lol*

    Izzy looks great in the video. I love that nice quiet jump over the crossrail. Well done.

  5. what a pretty girl jumping so quietly!

  6. Thanks for posting video! You guys look simply lovely!

  7. First, I love love love watching your vids! They are splendid. Makes me get to see all the dreamy motion of your horse! And second: that ring looks totally divine. I am jealous!!!

  8. What a lovely canter fence! I assume you're in the Ainsley and enjoying it? You look a lot more comfortable, mare looked nice and rhythmic and relaxed.

    Yea for you and Izzy having fun!! Event season is here...!

  9. You guys took that jump like old pros. Lovely!


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