Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pony Withdrawl

I just got back from a way too long vacation--I haven't even seen Izzy since last Tuesday and I rode about a week before that. Poop. I will pout.

Ok, I think that's over. I can't wait to get back into the horsey swing of things today, but I have a couple of updates even before going out to see Ms. Mare.

On Tuesday, she got her feet done. Three of them are brilliant--rock hard and no flare. One is less brilliant, but slowly getting better. Dave's (the farrier) comment was that he could have put a shoe on any of her good feet and the last one is "almost good enough to shoe".

Think about it. It just makes so much more sens to me that way. Shoes are for healthy feet that need more protection. Barefoot is to develop the feet to that point. Also for poor people, like me. :-)

Also, while driving home with my husband yesterday, I found a voicemail on my phone from the barn owner, which resulted in an immediate freak out. Until, of course, the voicemail played, "Hi, it's Karen. Izzy is fine..." Phew. This resulted in a long conversation about what my husband was to do if/when he ever gets a call about Izzy not being fine when I'm out of contact.

As a result, one of my projects for today is to write up a paper for him with explicit instructions regarding treatment and vet care in case of emergencies. It's good to be prepared.


  1. I'm so far into Pony Withdrawl I don't even know what to call it anymore! I havn't seen my monster in 2 months... 2 MONTHS! ugh...depression setting in.

  2. Lol, whenever I call one of my barn friends during "barn hours," I always start with, "Hi, it's Meghann, don't worry [Your Horse's Name] is fine."

  3. I find the "almost good enough to shoe" comment a bit funny -- I'm so happy to not have to deal with shoes anymore!

  4. Oh my, you are going to have a novel by the time you are finished writing. You'll have to try to stick to the basics and make it an easy to follow list rather than a narrative. Meantime, I hope you never need it and every phone call is, "Izzy's fine!"


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