Monday, February 13, 2012

Day of Awesome

I had two really solid flat schools on Mr. Cuna this weekend. It was good to take some time away from the jumps and just figure each other out. We did lots of transitions and figure eights and adjustments within his gaits to get more in sync. I'm hoping this leads to smoother jumps all around.

Fortunately, the day of awesome (today) did not involve Cuna in more than a peripheral way.

The little Audi mare that I like got cast in her stall Saturday night. She didn't struggle too much or hurt herself, but we think she was down for a while.

She's on SMZs and rest for a bit, and Stephanie told me to call her "if anything seemed unusual".

This was Audi while I fed breakfast. And did the first set of turnouts. And fed extra. She didn't move.

That seemed unusual to me, so I called.

A dose of banamine, a round of handwalking, and a 20 minute soak in epsom salts later, she was looking much better.

I got the next horse out to switch the turnouts.

I should have taken a picture--his left hind leg was fat and hot. I checked with the BO and she agreed it was a big deal, recommending bandaging, icing, and bute. As much as I hate to call Stephanie on her day off, it was time for call #2.

2 grams of bute and 20 minutes of cold hosing later, he looked a tiny bit better. He's getting a bandage on tonight.

Liz (the BO) warned me that bad things happen in threes.

I'm hoping this counts as my third thing. I had to body clip an entire horse yesterday with tiny trimming clippers because even under heavy sedation, he wouldn't stand for the big clippers. Guess how fast the tiny blades got dull?



  1. sheesh you deserve a break now!

  2. Yikes one of those days where you should have stayed in bed (or maybe the horses should have lol). I'm glad everyone seems okay.


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