Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Snow!! I don't think it was even in the forecast, but we got maybe half an inch of white fluffies. The ground didn't even really freeze, so we still get to ride outside today. Win!

It's in the mid forties now and the snow is mostly gone, which is ok with me.

We're gearing up to go to HITS in Thermal in less than two weeks, so I got to set jumps and adjust tack (and take some pictures!) instead of just race about madly. Don't get me wrong--I love racing about madly, but I also love watching.

Here's Steph jumping Ms Tatiana. I think they are doing the "ridiculously high jumpers that are not grand prix" or some such class. I'm sure you all envy me the task of keeping the white mare clean. ;-)

And a cute picture of the red man hanging out in the snow.

I rode him during a jumping lesson today. The lessoner was jumping like 3'+ and looking fabulous, but I kept thinking that if they'd just put the jumps down a couple holes, he and I could do it. I'm campaigning for a lesson tomorrow. It's pretty weird for me (you know, the scared AA) to be wishing for jumps, so I think this feeling needs to be capitalized upon.

Also. I'm planning a Cuna-man dress up day. Hopefully Saturday. We have all kinds of fun toys, plus he's a different color than Izzy so her stuff will look different on him. What else can you expect from a tack whore, really?


  1. Ah, I do not envy your trying to keep a beautiful gray horse clean. Looks fabulous, though....

    And the Red Man looks quite content. I think he's enjoying himself with a doting foster mom. *S*

  2. He really has such a sweet eye!

  3. Cuna looks happy :) Good luck for getting that jumping lesson tomorrow.

  4. Yay for dress-up day! Nothing more fun than accessorizing your horse. I hope pics will follow ;)

  5. Snow! Looks absolutely freezing. I can't believe you still ride when its that cold out! Good luck on your jumping lesson - does Cuna prefer jumping to flat work as well? Can't wait for the dress up photos! I think they are so adorable but I never splurge for spending money on props and costumes...

  6. Hehe yeah good luck keeping the gray clean lol. I have many years of that to look forward to so I can totally snicker about it.

    I love dress up day and I don't even really consider myself a full fledged tack whore . . . or maybe I'm just in denial! ;D


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