Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Help Us Out!!

Izzy and I are in the running for a sweet custom saddle pad from Kate at Polar Square Designs. We entered with a picture and a poem. The photo with the most likes wins (and I happen to think our entry is super cool) so if you're on facebook, hop on over and vote for us here.

Poor mare is still on stall rest, but if we win, we could potentially get the pad just in time to start back under saddle. :-) Vote Aimee and Izzy in 2012!!


  1. I love your picture! The poem is cute - just liked! Do you know what you want to get? Good luck! She does beautiful stuff - ask me how I know...

  2. I voted. Your poem was great! Hope you win. :)

  3. Love your poem! And the photo is really lovely.

  4. Hope I'm not too late. I "liked" your entry. Your poem is great. Good luck!


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