Friday, February 17, 2012

Another Day in Paradise

Today is amazing. It's in the mid fifties, sunny, and calm. I took the Audi mare out on a hack by ourselves and she was super, despite having a few days off lately.

I hadn't realized how profoundly Izzy had damaged my confidence in this area. The idea of hacking out alone made me incredibly nervous--it's just something you DO NOT DO on Izzy. She can be made to do it, but she'll constantly play "who's the bigger bitch" and take no prisoners.

Audi was interested and a little nervous, but quiet and obedient. When she got a little behind my leg, I told her to go forward. She did. Just like that. Interesting.

We finished off a gorgeous day with a jumping lesson on Cuna. Here is a slightly different angle of his adorable face. He look so heroic from this angle.

(Good news!! There is video evidence of me riding!! Bad news: It's on Stephanie's phone. I will show it to you when I get it.)

We started over a crossrail and let me get balanced and comfortable. Then we cantered small courses of 2'3" to 2'6"ish jumps, including a 2'6" square oxer. Omg! We didn't die.

As we cantered at the oxer for the first time, I lost my nerve about 4 strides out. For a stride I was convinced we would both die, and then in the next stride, I realized that Cuna would take care of us. I let him move up to the close spot in the last two strides, and he jumped it like it was nothing.

Right. It's different on a super awesome jumping horse.

We did the round again, this time with a little more balance and commitment, and it went brilliantly. So brilliantly that I finished with a ridiculous huge grin on my face.


  1. Yay!! Congrats on the jumping lesson :) Sounds like you had a blast.
    It is a big difference jumping a horse like Cuna. Thats kinda what it's like for me jumping Nelly at pony club. She just goes over everything. It really helps boost your confidence.
    Glad you had a great ride.

  2. Nice. Lovely day, lovely horses.

  3. Lovely weather here too. I also went out for a trail ride--are we in sync?

    I didn't jump, happy for you to have Cuna to ride. He is giving you so much confidence.

  4. Sounds like a great day! I love those moments when you realize even though you've bunked it up, your horse will take care of you - especially when you least expect it!

    Izzy sounds like Gabby on the trails, but I will have to get over that this year... *sigh* hopefully she'll end up more like your Audi!

  5. This horse sounds like he's worth his weight in gold. :)

  6. That is so fantastic!! By the time you get back on Izzy you're going to be unstoppable!


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