Thursday, April 19, 2012

Because We're Awesome

Bear with me. This is going to be a somewhat scattered post, but there are tons of exciting things going on right now and I want to talk about all of them.

We jumped this
I know you saw out jumping awesomeness in the last post, but yesterday we had a grid night. I got to set the grid, which was fun, but then I rode, too.

It doesn't look that impressive from this angle, but it's a crossrail to 2' vertical bounce, then a one stride. We went through nicely with just a vertical on the end of the one stride, but then it got put up to a 2'9" square oxer. It wasn't quite as big as our mondo jump from the other day, but pretty intimidating for someone who's comfort zone has been crossrails up to this week.

I couldn't both stand in the picture for perspective and take it, so that's all you get.
It looks big to me, not gonna lie. That said, I didn't feel scared or maxed out. In fact, I saw the oxer go up, and I thought, "That looks fun. I want to try it."



Yes, I just said that. Me, the scared rider who is not even sure what I'm headed for.

Not only did I try it, Cuna was super, I was calm and it was FUN. We were right of center, but we were straight, so it's all good. In fact, as we came over the second fence in the bounce, I remember feeling just a hair ahead of Cuna. I pushed my hips back and kept my hands in his mane, and BOOM!! Oxer. Love it.

There is video, but y'all are going to have to wait for it. So sorry. It's not on my phone.


Izzy is out on trial with someone right now. She seems to be doing well and the lady brought her back for a lesson today. I only ever jumped Izzy 2'9" once and other than that stayed around 2'. Steph has jumped her around 3' a little, but not a ton.

Here's Izzy today in the lesson. Believe it or not, this was not the biggest jump. Steph cranked the back oxer up to 3'6" and pony mare FLEW over it. Like a boss. I am so proud of her. She is so pretty and talented and cool. I absolutely love watching her.


I have been feeling really bad for Cuna lately--I mean, he is 19 and I am working his tail end off. (Or on, technically, since he's building muscle like only a Thoroughbred can). I can't really afford to do his hock injections until Izzy sells and I'm done with the 'paying-for-two-horses' thing, so I pretended I could afford to have the chiropractor look at him today.

He watched Cuna walk, looked him over, fixed one tiny thing, and pronounced him in fine shape. And gave me a major discount. w00t

So yes. Many exciting things in my neck of the (mountains?) woods.


  1. That rider looks great on Izzy! Hopefully they work out for each other.

    And Cuna is such a trooper for an older dude.

    1. I agree!! looks like the perfect match to me!

  2. Woot woot woot! You're inner voice is finally catching on to the new situation with the dependable horse! Hope that rider works out with Izzy - they seem like a good match in the video. =)

  3. Wow go girl!

    Also so excited about Izzy!

  4. Way to go! I got chills seeing Izzy! They look like a wonderful match, she's a nice rider! I hope that all works out.

  5. WOW! What a great post! The rider on Izzy looks good on her and Izzy seems to like her, as much as I can tell in that short clip anyways. Hope it works out!!!!!!!! Way to get the discount for Cuna, good to hear he is getting some luvin'

  6. Love that things are all going your way, you have worked hard for it and deserve it. Looking forward to the video. Out of curiosity how much is Izzy listed for, if you don't mind sharing?

  7. You and Cuna are awesome :)! You must be so pleased.
    Izzy looks really good. Hope this works out, she looked like a super star going over that jump.

  8. The rider trying Izzy looks like a great match - good girl Izzy!
    Looking forward to your video jumping Cuna...feeling your happiness thru your words :)

  9. The wonderful thing about grids is that if they are set up correctly, as long as your horse is honest, they ride beautifully as...after the first jump, everything is just set up to go right.

    We know Cuna is more than honest, so it must be a blast riding through a line like that.

    And Izzy looks super in that lesson. Maybe you've found the right match for her and vice versa. Wishing you well.

  10. So exciting!!! A little sad seeing someone else riding Izzy, but I really do hope they work out. They look good together. :) I'm glad Cuna is doing great too. That's awesome!


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