Friday, April 27, 2012

The Clothed Horse

Between his babysitting jobs (frequent) and my dressing him up (as often as I can afford stuff I want him to need), poor Cuna has had it up to his eyeballs with doing stuff he doesn't like. Unfortunately, due to the rather large amounts of precipitation we've received in the past two days, trotting in the hills is out for a while. We can't jump because the arenas are currently serving as a duck pond.

In order to make things a little easier on him, I decided that we'd condense down today's torture and play dress up, do a photoshoot, and babysit all at the same time. 

Chocolate with cream. Opinions? 
 He was not amused.

He also thought that he didn't need a fly bonnet when it's windy and in the mid forties.

He's never been a fashionista, I guess. He doesn't understand that I really can't saddle shop until I have a budget and I definitely can't saddle pad shop until I have a saddle. I am relegated to buying him small, cheap items that do not impinge upon the "save up for a saddle" fund and trying out color schemes on him with said items in the mean time.

"Please take it off. The other guys might see me."
My current plan is to keep it classy with chocolate and cream. It's understated enough that we shouldn't look ridiculous and it's in keeping with my taste, which is for colors to blend together as harmoniously as possible.

It's my first foray into finding the right colors for Cuna and my little non-color-coordinated brain feels like exploding. I think I like it... hard to say.

 Part of me still wants navy blue with a tiny bit of white and just a sprinkling of crystals to catch the sun... Hm.

Resigned to his fate
Since the whole point of babysitting is to not rile up the sit-ee, we didn't work super hard today. Ok, I'm blaming the other horse and the truth is that I was cold and tired and hungry and didn't need much of an excuse.

We were in the indoor, which made Cuna ride a little different. I actually had to put some leg on to get him forward, but then he went right up into the contact and even demonstrated a little bending while we did trot figure eights.

Some people might say it's because we've been working hard and he's getting fitter, but I'm sure it's related to the bonnet.


  1. I love me some chocolate and cream on a chestnut.

  2. I had doubts, since I love classic black...but Cuna looks super sexual in that color.

  3. I like it! That being said, can't go wrong with navy on a chestnut...

  4. He looks adorable in the bonnet! But I'm a sucker for bling... Congrats on the bending and connection to the bit. =] He'll make a dressage horse yet!

  5. That looks very nice on him. But you do also need one with bling!

  6. Ahem....I'm a...sure it was the fly bonnet too. Makes all the difference in the world. Yeah, that's it. *lol*

  7. Love the chocolate! Good choice!


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