Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I'm trying to contain myself, but I think Cuna is pretty much the best horse ever. Scratch "pretty much". He is.

Why the sudden effusiveness? Well, we had a jump lesson yesterday. It started out really easy--I was trotting and cantering over crossrails with plenty of space in between to get comfortable and straight. I was like "yes, Operation Make This Fun is in full swing. I can do this."

Then Steph hopped off the horse she was riding and started putting fences up.

Ever the optimist, I'm like "Ok, just 2' verticals. Still no biggie. I'm on Cuna."

And then this:


(Shut up Monica. It's big to me.)

The first time around I let him get too long to the oxer, which meant would would get to the groundpole funny which meant the jump would be funny. I saw that about two strides out and went "Oh sh*t" and stuck my hands in his neck. He got us out of it, but Steph stopped to set things back up.

Basically, she said I need to ride like I mean it, even if I screwed him up. "If you quit right in front of the fence, the horse... well, Cuna won't, but most horses would stop or panic."

Dear Cuna,

I love you.

Many peppermints,

Anyways. We ended on the series in the video and I was really, really happy. I mean, that's the biggest thing I've jumped in probably years and I was/am fine. A little nervous looking at it, but I'm learned to just do my thing and trust Cuna and it works out.

So fun.


  1. Nice! That jump looked huge to me too. Then I watched Cuna go over it. No problemo! You guys look great!!!

  2. You jumped a HUGE jump! I'm totally impressed.

  3. Well done!! You guys both did really well. You should be proud of yourselves.

  4. Congrats! Looking very good up there :)

  5. That is a big jump girl and you guys did awesome! Watch out world Aimee's got her mojo back!

  6. Yup, that jump looks gigantic to me, too. :) You guys look fantastic!

  7. Daaang, nice ride! You both look fantastic, and are you stopping at the end there to pick the bugs out of your teeth? ;)

    Way to go!

  8. Niiiiiiiiccccccccceeeeeeeee!

  9. HOLY DOLEY DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is massive - Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!! so proud of you and Cuna for looking after mum!!!!!

  10. Cuna deserves a medal for this! I am so incredibly happy for you!!!

  11. YAY! I love jumping so much, and that looked great.
    Also, dropping horses before the jump is a huge problem for even the best jumpers. :D

  12. You put a big smile on my face with that video - hell yes it's big!!!

  13. NICE!! And you are a very pretty rider, btw. You have nice relaxed shoulders, balanced positioning, soft hips. =) Go you and Cuna!

  14. That is so great! You are both awesome! :D


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