Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Jumping lesson today, leaving for show/clinic tomorrow. When I watered the arena this morning, I noticed that the jumps were all set down from Steph's last lesson yesterday. Some cross rails, lots of 2' verticals, one 2'6" oxer.

And I thought, "That looks a little boring".

I KNOW!!! ME!!!!! I just thought that about a course that would totally have scared the crap out of me a month ago.

Carry on.

White wraps today
It was a group lesson with two other fun people on nice horses. I got Cuna warmed up. He was fine, nothing too spectacular, but I felt focused and on it. We got our first course to try (a series of angled jumps to develop straightness and purpose), I picked up a canter, and...


It was just right. Balanced, comfortable, forward. I could move him forward or back. I could turn. I could literally do anything and knew he would be fine, right there with me. Scary gate? Didn't even look at it. Scary planks? Pssh. Whatever. Giant square oxer? No worries. I'll admit when Steph set the 2'6"ish swedish up to a 2'9"ish square I chased him to it the first time.

It didn't feel right. We circled around and tried again. I found my balance in the corner before the jump and just stayed steady to the base.

And it was perfect.

We jumped at all kinds of angles, did rollback turns to stiff verticals, and stayed straight all the way through a triple combination with the scary gate set at 3'. Oh yes we did. Cuna was like butter--soft, flexible, and so yummy you just can't let go. I was actually a bit bummed when the lesson ended because I was having so much fun with him over the courses.


And if that wasn't enough, my super fabulous ebay score showed up. I can't use these in a sand arena, but they will look super sexy jumping on grass this weekend. Guess how I much I paid for them?


No joke.

OH, AND we most likely get to use Steph's super spiffy new XC boots (the premier equines) for the clinic/show because she doesn't think they'll rub him. Winning! 


  1. Ah! Fun! Jumps! new boots! so many things!

  2. I like the white! I really think you should get the fleece ones from SmartPak - Charlie looks smashing in his. Can't beat the $16.95 price...just saying...

  3. You had better get pictures of Cuna in his brown boots, bonnet, and pad right quick! Good look at your show!!

  4. *Luck. Good LUCK at your show...

  5. I can see your smile in every word! Keep on having fun.

  6. YAY!!! How awesome, you guys are doing so well!!

  7. Awesome!!! You chasing him means that you're just figuring out how to tell him that you want him to jump (carryover from previous lesson). Gosh you are a good shopper - ebay score! Please let us know how those Premiers work - they look super awesome. And Cuna looks so good in white!

  8. yay!!! score for an awesome lesson/ride!! Good luck tomorrow!!! I know you will do awesome!

  9. Awesome!!! Finding that *perfect* canter makes jumping so much fun, I smiled the entire time I was reading your post because I know exactly what you mean. Cuna sounds like such a fun horse.


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