Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Four Whole Months - A Tribute

He is cute

On February 6, 2012, an old red horse ambled into my life and completely changed how I felt about riding and horses. I've spent a little time looking back at our whirlwind relationship this week, and realized just how fast everything has been.

Cuna came to me unexpectedly on the 6th and I decided (finally) to list Ms Izzy for sale of the 22nd of the same month. I remember those two weeks like they were yesterday--it felt like an eternity as I waffled about what to do with the situation that had literally fallen into my lap.

He is wild!

I have to say, I'm completely confident that I made the right decision. Cuna has been so good for me that I can hardly put it into words. Every day, one step at a time, he has slowly taught me what it's like to really enjoy riding again. To enjoy horse care. To just plain want to hang out with him.

He isn't high maintenance or demanding--he's just a cute, cool old horse who is perfectly happy to teach me the ropes of riding all over again. Well, as long as I don't take too many pictures. ;-)

He is brave
It's hard to explain to people how far I've come just because it's almost embarrassing to put into words how far I needed to come just to be happy again. We started small--he had to teach me that things like pricking up his ears and walking on a loose rein weren't scary. I am not even kidding.

Slowly, we learned about the fun that it's possible to have outside the arena. The fact that he just plain enjoys it so much helps me to settle down and have a good time.

He is cool
Back in the arena, I had to completely re-learn how to jump. Cuna saved my butt time and time again as I froze up and made the same stupid mistakes. Together, we jumped the biggest fence I've pointed at in years. I choked, but he just cantered over it and took care of me. I think he knew how scared I was and was just demonstrating how it's done.

It took a good three months of riding before I really did any jumping on my own. That's how scary it was for me. I never wanted to jump until Cuna came to me.

He is fun!

Once I more or less got my groove back, Cuna started letting me learn to ride. He stopped with me for the first time, slowly teaching me that if I want to go over something, maybe I should sit up, put my leg on, and steer.

He's never rude or dirty, but he insists that I ride. When I ride well, he rewards me with excellent performances. When I ride poorly, he flips his head, bucks a little, and reminds me to get my butt in the saddle and out of his face. It's like getting a lesson every time I sit on him.

He's the best.

I know four months is a silly anniversary to celebrate, but let's be honest: he makes me just a little silly. I'm not a gushy goo goo sort of person, but I am around him. I love seeing his adorable face in the mornings, and he is my absolute favorite horse to ride in the whole barn of fancy jumping things.

He may never win a conformation class, but he's completely won my heart.


  1. You have come so far since you got Cuna :) You should be proud of yourself.

  2. You are so fortunate to have found him - he was just what you needed! He's adorable, and as you said a great teacher as well as a great confidence builder - may you have many happy hours and years together!

  3. The whole tone of this post shows just how far Cuna has helped you get in terms of happiness and confidence, in just a few short months. You guys are adorable together and, I can't wait to see where you are in another 4 months!! :)

  4. Great tribute and I am so glad you found him. Don't you hate when these horses make you go all soft and start talking in baby voices and get all lovey dovey with them. It must be a red OTTB power or something.

    1. Yeah, seriously. No one warned me about this part. That I would fall madly in red OTTB love, yes, but that it would make me all gushy and gooey, no.

  5. Awwwww! Yay Cuna!

    I had a jumping lesson Sunday on a 22yr old school master to get my jumping "sea legs" back before a riding trip this weekend. It was just what I needed! There's something really special about being able to work on yourself rather than focus on oh-my-god-what-is-this-horse-going-to-do-next!

  6. You should celebrate! Everyone horse lover deserves a heart horse :)

  7. Celebrate the things that make you happy!

  8. There is nothing like a good horse to bring out the best in a rider.

    Celebrate away! You and Cuna deserve some carrots...or carrot cake. *G*

  9. <3 Its nice that you stop to smell the roses and appreciate what you have. Match made in heaven.

  10. Who cares about conformation, when Cuna is clearly a star!
    A good horse is a good horse. Period.

  11. I am so, so glad that you have found a brilliant boy with whom you have a wonderful partnership - that's the way it should be! Congrads!

  12. Your post made me smile. =-)

  13. I am going to shamelessly sound really lame right now and say that I never got any comments from you on my event update post. Is it sad that I was looking forward to what you had to say?

  14. This is adorable. The great ones make you feel ridiculous, in every place but the saddle:)

  15. This post brought tears to my eyes. :D I'm so happy for you and Cuna!


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