Friday, June 8, 2012


It's Mistral Horjis!!
Since I have decided to work without stirrups 3 days a week, 20 minutes a day, I have done absolutely everything in my power to avoid actually doing the work.



Today I hacked out two other horses, then didn't have much time and didn't want to dirty more tack and so put Cuna in the super amazing practically-a-seatbelt dressage saddle (and a loose ring waterford, but whatever).

I was hot and tired and lazy and hadn't sat in a dressage saddle in... weeks? I don't even remember the last time this happened. I promptly decided I couldn't post and didn't want to sit the trot more than a few strides at a time, so we cantered and walked mostly.

I gave Cuna cookies when I got off and promised him a better ride tomorrow. That also means I'll be sans-stirrups the whole weekend. Fail.

As a reminder, all y'all need to take your final two point challenge times. To date, I believe I only have a time for L.Williams and Carly. I haven't even done one for myself...


  1. I wish we were to the point that I could say 'Let's cruise around at the canter.' There are definitely a lot of benefits to having an older gentleman like you do.

    Not sure if you saw my comment on my blog or not (my layout causes comments and subscribing/replying to them to be funky) but I am interested. My email is if you'd rather email me. Thanks!

  2. Karley and Henry = 8 min final time :)

  3. Hey, it doesn't matter what gait it is. 20 minutes is 20 minutes. ;)

  4. Finished up with a max of 12 minutes!


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