Monday, July 23, 2012

All Quiet

Not much going on at the barn this week--most everyone who jumps is off to the High Desert Classic in Bend. Ok, actually everyone who jumps except me. Sad when you put it that way...

Anyways. Cuna and I are looking forward to a low key week. He's getting his hocks done Thursday, so we did a light hack today, might do a tiny jump school (2'ish) tomorrow, then some easy flat work and hacking on Wednesday.

XC preview
I'm doing my best to not completely freak out. He'll lay off over the weekend to recover, then I'll bring him back just in time to compete at (EEEK!!) our first ever horse trials!

I'm doing my best to feel prepared. We've been working hard on the dressage, kicking butt at the jumping, and with our newly-installed brakes, can probably even put in a safe XC round.

I am now the proud owner of a complete set of quilts and wraps, plus a medical armband. I've checked the attire rules, and should be good to go.

Honestly, having an easy week is probably the best thing for Cuna right now. Otherwise, we'd be tearing through the mountains in the name of fitness and probably just wearing him out. Besides, to run BN, I sort of don't think he needs to be any fitter. At all. Many less fit horses will also complete the course just fine.

Not gonna lie--I'm pretty excited.


  1. Awesome! You guys will do great!

  2. Oh man, so exciting! Start visualizing a successful everything starting now. ;]

  3. hey im staining those jumps tomorrow!!!

  4. I'm excited for you!!! You're gonna rock it!

  5. Just keep him limber and ride some of the dressage. My event trainer rarely had us jump the week before, but wanted us to focus on the dressage. Cuna already knows how to jump, so why push it?


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