Monday, July 9, 2012

Calamities Strike!

But I want it now!! 
Like any responsible tack 'ho, I came home from the show, scouted out the best possible sale price, and ordered Cuna a new XC bit. Unfortunately, it was the 4th of July week. My bit is now scheduled to arrive the day after a I leave town for a non-horsey trip. Nooooooo!!

A month(ish) ago, I'd ordered a bridle plate for my every day bridle. It came in to the local tack store. I took my bridle in to have the plate put in, and the manufacturer-included rivets are too small to go through the leather. The tack store is hunting down replacements, but I left my bridle with them. That means I only have the three or four at home to play with!

Gratuitous cute Cuna photos
I did manage to run down a martingale locally, but I forgot to buy rein stoppers. I'm pretty sure I have some on one of my bridles at home. Here's hoping...


  1. Dear fellow (and much more accomplished) tack 'ho:

    Like you I do lots of shopping around to find the best price on something my horse needs. But then - often - I am shocked to be hit with $10 shipping on a single item! I try to order with a couple of people to reduce shipping costs, or wait for a sale, or even hitch on to someone else's SmartPak order to avoid shipping costs, but still, it gets expensive quick! Do you have any tips for reducing that annoying "gotcha" just as you are feeling smug at having snagged a real bargain?

  2. Read the post below as well. Good going! Reschooling and older horse in dressage can be a challenge, but it would be ultimately good for him. Getting those muscles working correctly is the best thing you can do for his body and legs. Looking forward to hearing that you are really working on the program as specified. *S*


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