Monday, July 30, 2012

When you give a zombie a blog...

Rinsie and I pulled in last night around 3.30am. Between unloading and dropping off the rental car, I dropped into bed about 4am and was up to go to the barn at 7am.

So you can guess how coherent I am. I feel surprisingly good, but since I haven't interacted with a lot of people, I may be fooling myself.

Anyways. The pony shopping trip was immensely fun. I'll let Rinsie update you on how it went since she was the one shopping, but it can't hurt to introduce the candidates:

I'll let you know when a full update is forthcoming. 

I know you all probably think I'm crazy for sleeping a mere three hours over something as simple as needing to go to the barn, but PEOPLE: last time we saw Cuna, he had just gotten his hocks done. Today was the day to start back in work, see how he feels, and begin final preparations for the HORSE TRIAL NEXT WEEKEND!!!!! Hello, we have to make it around Beginner Novice and he's been on stall rest for three days!

Ok, I may be over reacting. 

Point was, if I spend $500 on a medical procedure, I want to know how it went. Plus, we had new toys to play with. 

I started out by playing with the new bridle. I settled on the Ovation bridle that I talked about recently. It had all the features I wanted and wasn't super pricey, so I was hoping I could deal with the leather quality and have a new piece of tack without (re-)breaking the bank. The trial run of the bridle was promising. 
So fancy!

This is how it came. It has a padded (non contoured) monocrown, removable flash, wide noseband, simple lines, and ok leather. 

I snagged a d ring french link on the trip and decided to give it a whirl.

I took Cuna out of the barn, tightened the girth, put my stirrups down, and led him to a rock to get on. 

I couldn't believe what I felt when he walked off. He was strong, supple, elastic, forward, and pushing from behind. It was a whole new Cuna! I walked him over to the barn owner and she even remarked she'd never seen him look that good. Old Man felt good too--he was spunky! 

I had already made the executive decision that it would be a walk/trot light hack day just to get everything going again. Cuna felt like a coiled, oiled spring, just ready to go. <3 him! He marched right up the hill and then was a little peevish with me when I wouldn't let him gallop to the top. CUNA NEEDS SPEEDZ!!!!!

Haha. On the way back to the barn, he had Cuna spook #4 of all time giantness at a dead weed on the trail. I believe he relocated 3 of 4 legs. It was pretty hilarious, because he totally wasn't scared of the weed. He just wanted an excuse to move faster. 

We did some walk/trot work in the arena, and Cuna was LOVELY. He wasn't wild about the new bit, but he carried himself beautifully. Wow! 

still pretending he doesn't need a big bit
Back in the barn, I played with his bit arrangement. Because he has a teeny little nosie, the flash wasn't doing anything anyways, and I don't really like how it clutters up his face. I also don't like his pelham with a flash or figure eight because I feel like the curb chain can be interfered with by the lowest strap. 

Ergo, I pulled the removable flash off, put the pelham on, and immediately liked the look a lot better. Plus, the reins seemed a little short for someone's giraffe neck, so the joiners give me a few more inches. 

cuteness overload

And cuddles! I missed my old man this weekend. So glad to be back. 


  1. What good news about how Cuna felt with his "new" hocks. i know injections changed my horse's attitude completely. Bless his heart for working so hard for you before you treated him.
    Proof positive of what an honest, kind fellow he is.

  2. That bridle looks classy! How's the quality of the leather?

    And SOOO glad to hear that Cuna is feeling 1000% after his injections! I found that my guy was feeling so good, I had to be careful with him lest he overdo it. The rest of his body had been compensating for his stifles, so I had to get him re-muscled so he wouldn't strain something else with his newfound bounciness. It's tough to go slow when they feel so good though!

  3. Yay for feeling better Cuna! So happy the injections helped. For the record, I've been watching the Olympic eventing and there are MANY 'old men' in the would appear Cuna is in fact in his eventing prime!

  4. =) Yay! Cuna looks very handsome in his new getup, and it looks like he sure missed you too! Friend horse shopping is the best - love the pic of the Halflinger!

  5. Yay for hock injections! I'm glad he's feeling so much better. :D I like the bridle without the flash better too (don't really care for flashes). I'm glad you found something you like.


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