Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Someone is adorable. And tired.
Because I had yet to receive a massive to do list for today, I grabbed Cuna first thing after feeding and turnouts and headed for the hills. We had an awesome dressage lesson Sunday, a quick (in order not to die of heat) flat ride yesterday, and I needed to get out of the arena for a bit.

You may notice our spiffy equipment. My plain cavesson bridle is still at the tack store because of an issue yesterday. This bridle has martingale stops and looks reasonably cute on him, so it came today instead.

Despite the bridle kerfuffle, I did end up with a running martingale yesterday. Today was the first time trying it out. I'm 1000% certain that a certain old red horse who runs around with his nose in the air while flipping his head has worn one before, so I didn't bother to take the time to introduce it like I would on a horse I was less sure of.

I made sure it was loose enough that it only came into effect when he was completely inverted and awkward, and we were off. It was almost weird--our Sunday butt kicking did a lot to alter his frame and my understanding of what was acceptable. Monday reinforced that we could do it without someone guiding us every step.

Today? I think I only really used the martingale 3 or 4 times on an hour long trot set. The whole point was just that I could cruise along and not fight with him in our brainless time.

Wow. He rode like a whole different horse. That extra bit of engagement and focus totally changed my ride. No more careening down hills like a camel. No more looking everywhere but at the trail and stumbling constantly. Win!

I do need to punch some more holes in that bridle, though. The figure eight is just pretty decor on his tiny head.


  1. I actually just got just the figure 8 nose band for Owl and I love it with the five star tack, it has such a difference in his opinionated mouth, as wierd as that may sound, as I have never used or will need a running martingale on Owl I did use one with Piccolo and it made a big difference in him also!

  2. Getting him round and correct is going to make him more manageable out of the arena too! It's amazing what some good dressage training can do.


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