Friday, September 7, 2012


Cuna and I are making our debut in the massively huge jumper classes tomorrow (read: 2'9" and 3'). We are being brave and going without a trainer because Aspen is this weekend and there aren't a lot of local shows. This means two things.

1) I am making a list of things Steph always yells at me anyways for a bystander to yell at me.

2) TACK!!! I have two breastcollars.

 My extremely practical Nunn Finer

My extremely pretty FST.

Before rushing to a conclusion, consider the pros and cons of both. The nunn finer is easy to clean, really familiar to me, and has a grab strap, which might come up in a class with big fences. The FST is super pretty and theoretically, might allow more freedom through his shoulders. HOWEVER there is nothing to hold on to. Plus it's still warm out and it might get all sweaty and dirty.

Beyond that, consider that Cuna will be wearing his official show jumping outfit: Tboots with bells up front, Eskadron wraps in the back, black fly bonnet to match. The leather of the nunn finer is rather neutral background and don't distract. The FST will draw attention to itself and absolutely can't be worn with the brown bonnet. I haven't tried it with this one.

Such a dilemma. Thoughts?


  1. Sounds like your pros and cons list is pointing to the Nunn Finer, which sounds like the best option to me! I like that it is simple, has the grab strap, and matches Cuna's bonnet. Good luck! :)

  2. I think the FST is prettier and jumper pony-ier. Good luck!!

  3. Bring both. And it's a jumper show -- you can get away with a neck strap if you want it. Sheesh, Sinead Halpin rides with one ALWAYS. That said I love the FST.

  4. ps. I love the idea of having a total stranger yelling various things at you!

  5. I always go with practical, tried and true over appearance.

  6. Nunn Finer. Besides being more practical, it doesn't distract from the overall look.

  7. Nunn Finer... love mine. But if you want to go with the other, get a jumping strap. I love mine! Also, I bring a friend... helps me groom and keep my head on straight! Have fun!

  8. My vote is FST - it looks so pretty! If you really want the grab strap, use an old stirrup leather - it will probably be easier to grab that because it will closer to where your hands will be. Good luck and have fun!

  9. I think the Nunn Finer presents a smoother picture.

    I've never quite gotten why the grab strap, location wise, that close to the saddle. I'ts bound to close in your upper body if you grab it, which will weight the horse's shoulders, thus making for heavier landing, those pitching you forward... God gave horses manes for a reason. Grab higher up, you can keep your shoulders open and back, and can push off the neck if you get rocked to far forward. :)


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