Sunday, September 9, 2012

Setting Goals

I'd call the show yesterday a success. It was a logistical nightmare on many levels, but when it came down to getting out there and riding, it went well. I achieved my goal for the show, which I was pleased with. In order to put it all in perspective, I thought I'd do a rundown of goals I've set for outings with Cuna.

#1: small local jumper show. Cuna and I had been together about a month.

Official goal: stay on the horse.

Result: Stayed on and 1st place in 2'6" jumpers

#2 xc schooling. My first time back on course since the wreck, my first time on course with Cuna, my first time ever on course with a horse who had done it before.

Official goal: If falling of, do not end up in ER.

Result: goal achieved, albeit poorly ridden

#3 xc schooling locally. My first time back at the location of the wreck and my first time back since being supremely disappointed in how I'd ridden at the first xc outing.

Official goal: ride the first fence and don't pull on Cuna.

Result: blind panic channeled into mostly-productive clutching.

#4 local schooling show at a new location. I'd realized that to ride better, I just needed to get out and do it. More.

Official goal: have a positive experience.

 Result: 3rd place in 2'3" jumpers (got too hot and bored to wait for higher classes). Interest in showing rekindled.


#5 XC schooling at the Rafter K derby. The day before our first attempt at an actual xc course.

Official goal: ride the line beyond the fences. Do not look at fences.

Result: good, solid ride.

#6 Derby ride at Rafter K in the BN division. We moved up a division after schooling a bunch of novice questions really, really well..

Official goal: make it over jump six, an above-max-height ramp.

Result: 5th place finish in our first BN

#7 local horse trials. Our first outing at a true three phase event. Our dressage goal was "improve 5 points" from a 38, which we blew out of the water by scoring a 29.

Official goal: bolt for 50% or less of the xc course.

Result: sucess! No bolting at all and 1st place in our second BN.

#8 Pony Club jumper show, moving up to higher jumps and harder courses in stadium.

Official goal: don't piss Cuna off by riding poorly, ie grabbing him in the mouth and jumping ahead.

Result: Kept hands and body quiet, but pulled rails in the 2'9" jumper and at the joker fence in the Gambler's choice class, ending up with a 3rd place finish in gambler's choice.


  1. Watching your progress is really up-lifting. It's amazing to look back at how much you've done already.

  2. Yeah, I have to agree with Dom - your progress is inspiring :)

  3. Go Cuna! Go Amy!

    Your goal setting is impressive (and sometimes humorous;)

  4. Steady and I are some your biggest fans and so happy for you! And doesn't it feel soooo good to make goals that seem hard when you set them and then kicking that goal's ass?! Red ottb's are the awesomest!

  5. Yay!!! Wow you both have come so far! Glad the show went well. What breast-collar did you end up using, eh? My vote was for the pretty one...

  6. Awesome goals all year round! Glad to hear you kicked some jumper ass!

    And oh, yes--we must know which breastplate you used!

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  8. Yay good experiences and setting goals!

  9. Wow that was so cool getting a rundown on all your shows and goals and a picture to boot! You're both doing so awesome and have come such a long way together! I'm glad it went well! Can't wait to get the details. :)


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