Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ebay Spoils

This seems ironic, but it really isn't. I swear.

I know I posted yesterday about living on a budget and being poor from here until indefinitely, but the week before all this went down, I had a little bit of paypal money stashed away that I spent on upgrading Cuna's wardrobe. In a funny twist of fate, most everything ended up on my doorstep yesterday, right after I was telling my husband about how I couldn't even buy myself icecream for a long time.

Anyways. We are started along the process of getting equipped for winter on a budget. Cuna needed a nice irish knit sheet for trailering to local shows and wearing in his stall after a workout when it's brisk. I rounded one up on a facebook tack exchange group (they exist!) for $25 shipped. It's an 84" and he's definitely only an 81", but these things shrink like crazy and I was buying lightly used.

Of course he is posing today

My gamble paid off. The 84" fits absolutely perfectly. I was concerned the neck might be too large and create a pressure point behind his withers, but it fits like a glove. Excellent!

Now, you might be saying, "But SB!! The irish knit is cotton and cotton doesn't wick moisture. Aren't you all into science-y blankets and boots and whatnot??"

To you, I say this: You are correct. Cotton is very absorbent and non-wicking. It shrinks like a son of a gun. However, A) It is standard-issue for our barn, so we'll blend in B) It is not a long term use sort of thing--it is never on the horse for more than 30-45 minutes C) It is super easy to wash, which makes is more sanitary D) It is wicked cute on Cuna E) Have I mentioned I'm poor? Magic blankets cost $$$ that I can't spend right now.

That brings up to item #2. Cuna needed a lightweight sheet. I was given one last spring, but it isn't waterproof. This works better than you would think for Cuna; his old owner called him "Kitty" due to his thoughts on water. That said, we're rapidly approaching the rainy season and the old sheet was trying hard to die.

I snagged a great deal from fellow blogger Me, who has a giant chestnut TB gelding who is trying to grow up and be Cuna. (NOTED: If you don't read Charlie's blog, you should. He is like baby Cuna and I <3 him!) She was retiring one of Charlie's rain sheets and sent it my way. It definitely has more life left in it than the dying green one we already had.

Never compromise on a quality halter. Too cute!

Plus it is way cute and Cuna and fits perfectly. Hooray internet friends!

All I have left to come up with (by mid to late November) is a medium weight blanket and neck cover. I already have a liner. We're getting close!!

We're also pretending we're rich, which is silly. I am hopeful that I'll be able to sort out the financial situation fairly soon. Failing that, y'all will get to learn how tack whores make it happen with no time and no budget and a pony who needs only the best. :D

Really, what would the fun be in having enough money? I'd miss out on all this crazy pony shopping and just buy appropriate things new and pay too much for them. Insanity! As much as I'd like the financial freedom to just order crap from Dover and never think twice about getting gouged, the truth is that I really do enjoy the process of bargain hunting when it comes to horsey supplies.


  1. Teach me! I am the worst at bargain hunting. . .or I get lazy and frustrated and just give up. Cute funds for your boy :)

  2. The most frustrating thing is buying that item, and then a week later you find it for cheaper. Happened to me last year when outfitting the mare for winter. BUT, I sprung for the $$$$ blanket (BUCAS) and am EXTREMELY happy with it. Now no more blankets for years to come... maybe.

  3. LOL! Yeah I need some bargain hunting training.... or patience too! :D I'm glad you found some deals and almost have his wardrobe pulled together. Good luck (or in your case skill) finding the rest.

  4. Cuna is styling (and Charlie totally wants to be Cuna when he's all grown up!).

  5. God bless you and your amazing shopping skills. I've learned so much from your previous posts and can't wait for more!


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