Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Gearing Up

crossing the irons

We're all set for a local jumper show this weekend in which we will (eeek!) debut in the 2'9" and 3' class. I don't think it's fair to jump Cuna any more before then, but here's the view from my saddle today:

I've found that I absolutely hate riding/running/anything for a set period of time. Instead, I set a performance goal, do that, and then set another goal.

To maximize my without stirrups benefits, I warm up with stirrups, then cross them and immediately start doing the more interesting flat work--leg yields, shoulder in, serpentines. I go until I can't take the pain any more, then pick up my stirrups and finesse anything I was having trouble with. Pretty quickly, I drop then again and go back to work.

Currently, I'm doing three sets of no-stirrup work per ride. Each ride, those sets get a little longer and more involved. I'm focusing on the posting trot right now. I need to be a lot stronger before I'm ready to canter much just because Cuna is quite sensitive and rather unforgiving if I grab him.

I'm hoping that by next week, I'll be ready.

Flex those thighs, ladies!


  1. Can I not flex? It hurts to flex mine :P

  2. My thighs are on fire just from working out... I havent ridden with our new assistant coach yet but I heard yesterday she made them do 40 solid minutes without stirrups. Not really looking forward to practice tomorrow since it comes right after team workouts... Ugh.

  3. Also, i learned last year in practices that in equitation you just drop your irons and leave them bouncing... And then when asked to pick them up again you have to pick them up while posting! I never could get them at first but as the year went on I got to be half decent at it.

  4. Yay for a pony show! I've been slacking in the no stirrups department - I needed to read this to guilt me back onto the bandwagon...

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  6. A naughty pony that I have to jump on an school during my daughters lessons since i am too lazy to change the stirrup length is always good no stirrup work for me. Cause said naughty pony can pull some good evasion tactics to test my abilities. But crossing the stirrups are a must unless I want multiple shin bruises. I remember about a year and a half ago I used to reminise in awe at my youth ability to post sans stirrups. Never thought I would have that back at 32, it feels so good. Keep up the good work.

  7. Wow sounds intense. Good luck at the show!

  8. Have so much fun!! you guys are bassassary personified.


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