Monday, September 10, 2012

Feeling the Squeeze

Let's just say it hasn't been the best month ever, money-wise. The show we went to Saturday cost me a grand total of $34 and that was a near thing. I've been wanting to buy clips for my pretty breastcollar (a total cost of like $2) and it's just not in the budget right now. I've been making it, barely, and I'm trying to actually start making headway. You know, putting money into savings, acting like a grown adult.

It is tight. I am a master scrounger, seller, and saver of all things, but even I am wondering how some things are going to work out right now. I watch clients with real jobs go to shows that cost considerably more than $34 and think that someday, I might like to do that too.

Things aren't exactly getting better yet, but I'm hopeful that they will soon. Why?

Well... I wrote the last check for Mr. Hakuna Matata this morning.

This was his best pose this morning.

This goofy face is here to stay.

It's left me rather poorer than I'd like, but I am now done paying on him. :) Yay!! Old man horse is all mine.

With all his foibles and fidgets, he is still the best horsey thing that's happened to me in a long, long time. He is immensely patient, fun to be around, and almost oddly wise. He is fiery enough to need a big bit to run xc, and quiet enough that my non-horsey mom can safely hold him at a show and never have a problem.

(Husband not pictured. He and Cuna dislike pics.)

We are officially done buying tack, going to shows, and doing anything else that costs money for the foreseeable future. I need to get some stuff worked out, because as much as I love the horsey lifestyle, I love financial stability just a hair more.

I'm back on a strict diet of eating only at home and not going out unless it's someone else's treat, but hey, when I've got these little buggers to come home to, what's there to complain about?

I want more colors. ALL THE COLORS!!

We've had our share of adventures this year. I hung all my favorite ribbons on the blinds above my kitchen sink to remind me, every day, exactly why I'm doing the dishes at home and not eating out.

Our first ribbon together (little blue on right), our first derby together (pink), our first horse trials together (big blue) and our most giant jumper ribbon (yellow). So much progress, so little time.

He's worth it. Every penny.

PS We used the plain ol' breastcollar on Saturday. I really should tell that story.


  1. congratulations- there is truly no better feeling than your horse being, well...your horse!! :)

  2. Signing the last check should be a happy moment for you and let you breathe a little easier. Good things will come.

    I have been eating at home a lot. It is not only cheaper and healthier, but the food tastes so much better. Win- Win- WIN!

    1. But it's so much more work.


      I am inherently lazy.

  3. Congratulations!!!! I commend you on using the B word. I ignore it like it has the plague... Problem is? I have to grow up too... and I'm 51. Let's see... B is for BUDGET... there I said it!

  4. Congratulations on owning your gentleman! That has to feel good.

    I hear you on the budget thing. Connor fell into my lap two years before my husband and I had planned on me getting a horse. I'm with you, watching my stablemates go to recognized events and wondering how they can afford to shell out 2x my board for a single weekend. We all make it work however we can, with whatever we can, at whatever level we can. The important part is that we keep making progress until we can afford to show the big stuff. sending me angry emails saying "You've gone over your budget for horse stuff this month!" has been a lifesaver in my own budgeting/sticking to said budgeting.

  5. Congrats on cutting that check! And for facing the money music. Its tough but so important. Just like anything else, have goals and set rewards and it gets easier. Also, in my experience the cooking thing will get easier if you collect 5 or 6 super easy recipes that require mostly pantry/canned food. Saves money, saves time, minimal work.

  6. Congrats on Cuna. I completely understand the budget thing. It sucks!

  7. Woo hoo.. now you need his pink slip- lol jk.

    Awesome that he is paid off though!

    I feel ya about the eating at home- story of my life!

  8. Congratulations on owning Cuna outright!

    I go through phases of thinking, "If I didn't have a horse, I could do X! Or Y!" Then I think, "...but then I wouldn't have a horse." And that's the end of that!

  9. Yay, Old Man Horse!! He looks thrilled to be officially destined to a lifetime of posing for pictures.

    And I hear you on the brokeness. Hubby and I sat down last weekend and made our budget to December. Literally the most depressing thing ever.

  10. Yay congrats on making it official!! Cuna is yours!!! :D

    Yeah I've been trying to budget better too. It is hard.... especially cooking and doing dishes. Yuck. We can do it though!!

  11. CONGRATS HE'S ALL YOURS! I feel ya sister on the budget stuff. OMG the amount we spend on them is insane. I will say though, not nickle and diming ourselves on the little stuff helps a lot so stay strong and resist those fashionista urges and you'll be shocked how much extra change you have in your pocket!

  12. Yay for making it official!!!! Hear ya on the money thing ... oh the things we do for our horses.

  13. Isn't it funny how all the ribbons mean something to us - not just the blues. I was so excited to get a red ribbon last show because I didn't have one (daughter eye rolled at that one).

    Congrats on making Cuna all yours!


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