Tuesday, January 14, 2014

4 Good Things About Winter

Plus this face is too cute
I really hate winter. I always have. It's cold, it's ick, it goes on for way too long. That said, I try to always find positives. Here is my current list:

1. Courage and I have spent a lot of time bonding on the ground. He's learning to not just "toe the line", but actually understand what I want from him. It's not a bunch of formal training, but anytime I have to go empty water buckets or something, I drag him along. Or rather, I let him learn to respect my space and pay attention to my verbal cues and body language.

2. The nasty winter footing prevented any craziness, so Courage got to explore new horizons (ie get turned out in the big pastures) without the risk of running himself stupid. He actually did very well up until it thawed on Saturday.

Then he demonstrated that he is still the best at awesome in the pasture. No one saw it, but I so hope there was silly squeals and deer leaping. (No worries--aside from some missing hair, he's fine.)

even trying to grow a real tail

3. Courage put on more weight! He was gaining and filling out nicely anyways, but I think that the lack of structured exercise allowed his body to rest and reset a lot. He's about as fat as I want him, since I don't like obese horses, but he looks really good. I can't wait to start putting sport horse muscles on him now!

4. This is more just a subset of 3, but he looks more comfortable in his skin and more relaxed with his life. His headset is lower and he feels more settled, somehow. It's not that he was ever bad, but now he's being really, really good.

There's a chance that the arena/pastures will be good enough to ride in this week. My fingers are crossed and I'm bouncing around the office. As many good things as have come out of winter, I AM SO READY FOR SHIT TO GET REAL. Let's go, YEAR OF THE HORSE!!!


  1. That tail is going to be killer in a couple of months. And on the subject of weather, I'm not talking to Mother Nature...

  2. He does look really good! I am ready for winter to be over!

  3. I really think that just spending a lot of time on the ground with your horse, "just dragging them along," is a great way to train them, and develop a really strong trust bond. Courage is so adorable!

  4. There is just something about a sweet, wide-blazed face, isn't there? Adorable!

  5. Yay for weight increases & tail growth. He ia looking smashing :-D
    Hope the arena/pastures thaw for you and thay you can add more positives to the winter list

  6. Yah! He's filling out. Great. By the way, I was wondering if you would like to participate in my OTTB Story posts. OTTB owners get to share about themselves and their horse, kind of like in your Ammy Hour posts. Here's the link:

  7. Wow, I'm so jealous you have a TB that puts on weight in the winter... @_@

  8. Its amazing how when they come off the track they look gangly but still muscly then you work with them give them time off and BAM the sport horse comes out! He looks fab aimee!!!

  9. He does look fabulous! Are you walking him over those tiny barriers all the time?

  10. Hope you get to ride. Sounds as if you need some saddle time.

  11. He looks pretty great! Impressive that he gains in the winter! And if you have any tail/mane growing tips, send them my way! I'm tring to grow out a roaches mane...

  12. *roached* Do roaches have manes? Don't think so.


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