Friday, January 31, 2014

Superbowl Fun with Courage!!

Broncos? Seahawks? It's hotly contested on the west coast, even among horse folk. Here's one thing we all agree on: the Budweiser Clydesdales are the best. Because Courage also loves being the best, here is his audition to join the hitch!
Showing the trademark white feathers and bob tail

Already a superstar with a great personality

Fancy Clydesdale trot

Plus sweet moves

Work at liberty
Courage for Budweiser Clydesdale in 2014!! Not only is he wicked handsome and athletic, he is a versatile horse with a solid brain and he'll match with the existing color scheme.

Go team! Yay football food!

Vote Courage.

PS many thanks to RedHeadLins for taking pictures!


  1. Haha, love it! He pulls off the Clydesdale look quite well!

  2. With the blaze he looks just like a mini Clydesdale!! I love it! ... and Go Broncos! ;)

  3. That's awesome! What a fantastic idea. :)

  4. So fun! He would make a great clydesdale.

  5. Nailed it!!

    I agree yum football food!

  6. I can't see how they could possibly resist . . . I mean, really.

  7. Love it!
    He deff gets my vote for what its worth...

  8. BEST POST EVER!!!! OMG, this made my morning! i LOVE LOVE LOVELOVE the feathers! How did you make them? Please tell me you are going to find a dalmation to borrow for Halloween and this will be your costume. Love the stars, too -- you are one creative lady!

  9. This is adorable. He has my vote!!

  10. Heheh, nice "Clydesdale"! So cute!

  11. Super cute! Courage is looking really good these days.

  12. AH, so cute!! He totally looks like a baby Clyde :)


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