Monday, September 21, 2015

Saddle. Poo.

I guess it was bound to happen.

Courage has been offering really good work lately. He's built an honest-to-goodness start of a dressage neck. He's filling out and muscling up and yeah.

I've never loved the sweat marks under his dressage saddle. (Can you guess where this is going?)

because his neck isn't the only thing changing

I've sort of closed my eyes and pretended everything was fine for a while, but we recently got a classy new pad. I used it for like 5 days in a row, and there's no denying it.

The sweat marks are worse. Dry spots are larger.

I mean, it's not catastrophic yet. He isn't exhibiting signs of back soreness or objecting to the saddle/girth, BUT he is a total princess and I know the fit could be better. A lot better.

hot ass horse
And I know I'm money ahead to get out in front of this before it gets worse.

It really does make sense. Courage has added all kinds of muscle lately and we're finally pulling out of a summer-long awkward phase. (You notice how you haven't seen him without a saddle in months? Yeah, that's why.)

I tried to placate myself with a new, fancy half pad, but no. It's not enough right now.

it's a great outfit
We've officially scheduled an appointment with the saddle fitter. Fingers crossed she can make some easy tweaks, because this is one of two dressage saddles I've ever sat in that doesn't tip me forward.

Deep breath. Good news is, there's a saddle fitter in our area now. That's new.


  1. I'll be joining you on the new saddle quest soon. It should be more fun than it is!

  2. Hate finding a saddle that fits. HATE IT. Too expensive and no fun. Yuck.

  3. Ah, horses. Good-fitting saddle -> correct work -> improved muscle -> saddle no longer fits!

  4. ughhhhhhhh. i commiserate :( wishing you luck!!!

  5. Oh no, here's to it not being a head ache!! Happy saddle thoughts, happy saddle thoughts!

  6. Saddle searches are the worst! Unless you're a Tack Ho. 😊 Hoping the saddle fitter can make some adjustments for you guys. And if not, join me on my quest for a Loxley!

    1. They're the worst even as a tack Ho, unfortunately.

  7. Tucker and I need a new saddle, and I can't afford it, so I do a lot of closing my eyes about it. Hope the saddle fitter can tweak it, mine said she couldn't and to get a new saddle. Oof. Also - that's a stunning outfit.

  8. Fingers crossed that the saddle fitter has simple solutions for you. Luck!

  9. Good luck with the saddle fitter!

  10. Saddle fit for human and horse pisses me off. You'll figure it out though, even if that means I get to pressure you into buying something extra fancy (payback!)

  11. Ah, the elusively "GREAT FITTING SADDLE" isn't that like a unicorn or chupacabra or something?


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