Monday, October 26, 2015

Best. Nameplate. Ever.

Do you know what the "nameplate jinx" is?

It's when I put a nameplate on any piece of tack, no matter how innocuous, and then instantly can't use that piece of tack ever again. Once I thought I beat the system, and then my horse died. NOT EVEN KIDDING.

I've never been all that wild about monograms, particularly because my initials spell something I DO NOT need emblazoned all over anything. Really. I've tried to get over it, but it's not ok.

after reflock and dye. still needs something.
I've just come to the conclusion that if I like my tack at all, I need to enjoy it in perfect anonymity.


Oh yeah. I made joking comment on facebook while my saddle was getting working on about how it was sad that there weren't any sparkle options. So of course, my saddler PMs me and is like "but there ARE sparkle options".

um wut

Yes. I want need that.

in my messy car
Yesterday, I ran myself out to audit a fancy clinic at a fancy barn, and while there, I picked up my saddle.

Let me tell you--it's striking in pictures. It's freaking perfect in person.

It made my day. And my week.

Of course, my only option was to go straight to my barn and take it for a spin.

Sad story: when I showed up, most of my barn-dressage friends were there riding/watching a lesson. I tried to tack up quickly and go ride with them, but by the time I was ready, all but one had left.

Sad for them.

I proceeded to have an absolutely fantastic ride. I can only conclude that Courage likes the sparkles as much as I do.

PS The process is still somewhat experimental, but the future is promising. 


  1. Looks pretty awesome. How much was the dye job, if you don't mind me asking?

  2. Seriously the best idea ever.

  3. It looks SO GOOD!! You guys are extra fancy now.

  4. That is just AWESOME!

    I'm jealous now... lol

    Saddle envy. I haz it....

  5. um yes - that is perfection! and i know what you mean about nameplates. was so proud to put one on my new beloved saddle that.... womp womp doesn't fit the horse.

    1. It's a real thing, unfortunately. I can only assume that people who monogram everything have some of "overwhelm the odds" principle?

  6. You added a tramp stamp to your saddle! It is lovely and now I want except I have an endurance saddle with a seat cover so that won't work. My next saddle though...

  7. So perfectly sparkly! Love it.


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